Sunday, September 20, 2009


Since 1998, I have worked tirelessly on behalf of our North Fulton community. For the three (3) years I have had the privilege of serving as your City Council Representative and Mayor Pro Tem. With your support and vote this year, I will continue to lead in a manner that is consistent with the vision of our citizens; controlled and appropriate growth preserving our unique Milton while developing a Communities we can live, go to school, play and work in.

I live in Milton and own property and homes. I work in Milton as a school teacher and college adjunct professor and I serve my faith at St. Thomas Aquinas Church on Rucker Road in Alpharetta - just a stone's throw from the Milton border. My sons go to school at Fulton County schools in Milton and they play sports in Milton at Bell Memorial Park. I am dedicated to your family, my family and Milton!

I am seeking re-election and want your vote on November 3, 2009.

Dear Milton Neighbor,

I am seeking re-election to the Milton City Council this year, and I want your vote!

I have the PROVEN LEADERSHIP, EXPERIENCE, AND TRUST you can count on. My voting record speaks for itself. While I may not be the loudest voice on the city council, I am committed to the areas that are important to you. Read below to understand who I am and what I stand for as your city council representative.

While I have worked hard for more than three years, there is much work left to be done especially the redevelopment of Highway 9, Securing the Public Library and expansion of Bell Memorial Park to name just three.

I stand tall for Milton when I stay that there are always legal issues before the council which must be protected. I am here to protect citizens from the challenges to our laws. I am here serving citizens so that you can sleep knowing your home and community are protected.

Re-Elect me to the Milton City Council and I will continue my hard work and dedication to you and our community.

See below for information about the September City Council Meetings; a Special Proclamation honoring the Hopewell 7u Storm Basball All-stars for Sportsmanship.

Lastly, it is not too late to submit your recommendations for the Fulton Public library coming to Milton. There are several wonderful locations for the Library site. Contact John Szabo at the Fulton County Library Board with your comments.
Email John Szabo here - The library is a very important opportunity for our community. Let your voice be heard.


Tina D'Aversa
678-457-0677 Direct


A Proven Leader

· Protected Milton's unique, rural equestrian character by consistently applying land use policies
· Voted consistently against over development and variance requests to our developmental standards
· Improved the quality of life and safety of our citizens by voting to approve speed limit reductions and funding for traffic and intersection improvements
· Encouraged fiscal responsible spending and cost saving measures whileimproving efficiency and quality of service
· Supported the early deployment of an outstanding, fully equipped police and fire service
· Sponsored the creation of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board to ensurepublic involvement in the development and expansion of Milton parks
· Encouraged quality growth and development by adopting a comprehensive zoning ordinance
· Sponsored a resolution to establish the Milton Disability AwarenessCommittee to promote the inclusion of persons of all abilities in Milton
· Sponsored a resolution to form the Highway 9 Design Review Board topro-actively enhance the Highway 9 - Deerfield area
· Voted against sewer extension

In my next term as your city council member, I will continue to lead in a manner supporting our citizen's Vision for Milton. I will:

· Preserve our city's unique history and rural, equestrian character by upholding our new 25 year comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance and not supporting the expansion of sewer service
· Promote appropriate development of the Deerfield and Highway 9 character areas by upholding the Highway 9 Design Guidelines currently under revision
· Expand Bell Memorial Park and begin the development of Birmingham Park, utilizing our Parks Authority for funding
· Increase availability of green space and pocket parks through alternative funding and partnerships with business owners and citizen groups
· Support the development of the new Fulton County Public Library that is unique to Milton and adds to our unique character

About Tina D'Aversa:

· Mayor Pro Tem· Educated, experienced, and professional business leader
· City of Milton formation committee parks and recreation chairwoman
· Teacher - Fulton County Schools
· Adjunct professor - Lanier Technical College· Founder of The Publishing Group, Inc.
· MBA in Finance· Dedicated Mother of three school-aged sons who attend school in Fulton County Public Schools inside Milton
· Assertive community volunteer and leader
· Sunday School Teacher St. Thomas Aquinas Church
· Leadership Atlanta 2003· Chairman NM Miracle League 2003-2007
· LSAC - Milton Cluster of Fulton County Schools Chairman 2004-2007

678-457-0677 Direct Mobile

Vote for Tina D'Aversa on November 3, 2009!

Proven Leadership You Can Trust!

Paid for by the Tina D'Aversa Election Campaign


September Meetings

Click on the event title for additional information or the Calendar link below. Please visit the City of Milton Web Site for a complete list of city meetings and events.

City of Milton May Meeting Calendar of the City Boards and Commissions

City Council Meeting September 21, 2009, 6:00 PM

Regular meeting of the City Council. Several rezoning cases come before the council. Two special proclamations will be presented that honor Milton's tremendous youth. You won't want to miss this meeting.

Special Called Work Session September 21, 2009 5:00 PM

During the Special Work Session the council and city staff will discuss the zoning and land use variances that are requested through community development. Variance are meant to be an exception to our laws and not meant to be taken lightly or approved without careful consideration. Join the council for an important review of variance procedures.

CPAC / TSAC Meeting

September 24, 2009, 6:00 PM
Milton City Hall, 13000 Deerfield Parkway, Milton, Georgia 30004

The above meetings are held at Milton City Hall, 13000 Deerfield Parkway, Milton, Georgia 30004
Milton Milers Walking Club

Milton walkers meet at Starbucks at Bethany Bend and Highway 9 each Sunday at 6:00 PM and walk for health wellness and neighborly conversation

September 21, 2009

Hopewell Storm Baseball Sportsmanship Day!

Mayor Joe Lockwood and the Milton City Council proclaim September 21, 2009, Sportsmanship Day!

This proclamation honors the Hopewell Baseball 7u Storm All-stars for their outstanding Championship season. These young men received the Dizzy Dean Sportsmanship Award, baseball's highest honor. The Proclamation will be presented at Monday night's City Council Meeting.


WHEREAS, The City of Milton recognizes that one of the greatest responsibilities one can undertake is the development and nurture of our future generations; and WHEREAS, Youth sports provide an important forum to instill the values of hard work, perseverance and good sportsmanship; and WHEREAS, In the 2009 season, the eleven boys of the HYA 7u Hopewell Storm baseball team demonstrated these qualities as recognized by both their on field successes and by their conduct during the season; and WHEREAS, The talent of the boys was demonstrated in their recognition as the Georgia Dizzy Dean 2009 7u District 4 Champions, the USSSA 2009 Coach Pitch Georgia State Champions, and the USSA National Boys 7u Coach Pitch #1 National Champions ; and WHEREAS, The 7u Hopewell Storm boys were recognized most especially by receiving the Sportsman Award for the 2009 Dizzy Dean Tournament, demonstrating not only athletic ability, but their true and good character ; and WHEREAS, The City of Milton recognizes the important athletic achievement and the importance of encouraging sportsmanship in our young baseball players. NOW, THEREFORE, We, the Mayor and City Council of the City of Milton, hereby proclaim September 21, 2009 as HYA 7u Hopewell Storm Sportsmanship Day, and do urge all citizens to join in this celebration. Given under my hand and Seal of the City of Milton, Georgia on the 21st day of September, 2009. - Mayor Joe Lockwood


Anonymous said...

This is sad. I really have begun to pity her, she is so invested in the trappings of office. Those annoying details like working seem to be her undoing.
And taking advantage of the little leaguers, didn't she learn anything from ordering the staff to put on the cub scout show when Julie was running?

Anonymous said...

It is a new low to exploit Boy Scouts and the young ball players. This is nauseating!

Anonymous said...

Anybody familiar with what has been going on for three years can shoot holes in everything she just said. If she can't come up with facts and a real record, it may be less embarrassing for her to just quit and save her kids the shame of the truth about Tina. If she continues to publish things that aren't true, didn't happen or someone else accomplished, she will get crucified,to use a Catholic term. No decent person in town wants to see a neighbor suffer like she is about to.
Speaking of Catholics, this "servant heart" stuff is really condescending and inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow!!! Her "accomplishment" list is like an HR nightmare. Helped, supported, looked on, was aware of, blah blah blah. It is like a negative example in the college class: don't have a squishy resume!!!! Yuck. What the heck has she been doing, except working, on the Council?!!
Maybe she can't be too specific, since it will get shot down as a fabrication!!????!!!!

Anonymous said...

Posing, that's what.

Anonymous said...

A man's pride will bring him low, But a humble spirit will obtain honor. Proverbs 29:23

Anonymous said...

Well, finally she has figured out that Starbucks is on Bethany Bend rather than Bethany Bend Road. That is a start, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

It's certainly a start, but damn, it took 25 minutes to wade through all that mess just to leave a comment.

Anonymous said...

If you don't like it then why didn't you bloggers run against her? What? you mean you don't want your life, kids, appearance, character ( or lack of) attacked by faceless and nameless bloggers?

Too bad, it would be fun to attack you behind the blog as you are doing to her and all the other people running for office who are trying to make a difference. Your efforts on this blog accomplish nothing but short term selfish sick satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

Some people in Milton are pretty screwed up and it ain't just the council, telling from this blog.

Anonymous said...

Those who can't, teach.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious those that are nastily attacked more then others are typically the ones who will probably be elected or re-elected. Those that do the attacking have no other way of trying to discount the good that these people are doing in giving of their time to dedicate to our city to make your community and lifestyle a better place. Pocket your horrible comments if you have a conscience, if you answer to a higher being. Just because you can't be seen here on the blog doesn't mean you will not be held accountible for your outright meanness in this life. This is what is wrong with this country as a whole, people being pitted against each other, tearing down others instead of building them up. This behavior is shamefull of any person. What goes around does come around. Think about it.

This is still the "United States" right, well how about acting like it, whether you agree or disagree or like or dislike whoever is running for office.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me, but I really don't understand the "United States" comment. Of course it is. Therefore, freedom of speech is guaranteed. Thus, these posters can say whatever they like (within reason per the moderator). Just because you don't like it, doesn't meant they shouldn't post it.

Tearing people down? Building people up? What kinda Obama garbage is that. I was taught that you are responsible for yourself and no one else is going to look after you. I am pretty sure that is why we were taught life lesssons... to call on later in life because you will not always have mommy there to pat you on the back and remind you to look both ways.

You must be a Crooked Creek resident that wants their hood gated. Or, you are Diva Aversa?

"C'mon c'aint we all jus get along"
Rodney King

Anonymous said...

I am neither a crooked creek resident or Tina. The 'United' comment means "together", "as one", "on the same team", you know for our country. I couldn't be further away from that radical left wing socialist in the White House, sorry you were wrong on 3 fronts.

Anonymous said...

Or, maybe someone from a lovely country that sets fire to political opponents? If the shoe fits, Tina should wear it. In this area, some are so vindictive and rich, the only way to air the truth is to vent on this type of site. Shame on anyone who doesn't tell the truth, but if honest (albeit harsh) then fire away.
A perfect example was a few days ago: Tina got the gavel for the last half of the meeting, but rearranged the agenda for her convenience. Her only concern was getting out of there and she clearly was distracted by her child running around to boot. If she earned her pay, great. She hasn't. If she deserved another term, more power to her.
She simply hasn't performed and isn't good for her district or the city.
There. Was that nice enough?

Anonymous said...

Balanced my A$$

Anonymous said...

I do not get the "balanced my a$$" comment.
Where did it fit into this?

Anonymous said...

I think it referes to the statement she makes about being "balanced" as it applies to her. Some would disagree?

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