Saturday, September 05, 2009

Milton Break In

Many thanks to Michelle for bringing this to our attention:

At 12:45 pm yesterday there was a home invasion near the White Columns area off of Freemanville Road in Milton, GA. This source has been verified. All the doors were locked. A taupe car was spotted in the driveway. If you have any information or have seen this vehicle around this time in the vicinity please contact the Milton police department at 678.297.6300, Option 1.

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Anonymous said...

It's obvious that your "source" is as dumb as you! Living in this area I am familiar with the reported incident and it was NOT a "home invasion" as your source proclaims. It was a BURGLARY, you know, when someone breaks into your house while nobody is home. It would be refreshing to find anyone who would confirm a story before running off at the mouth! Get your facts right next time, maybe you could contact Milton Police to confirm instead of seeking sensational headlines.