Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A look at Milton City Council races

Courtesy Appen Newspapers

The city of Milton has an election coming up and it is time for voters to get to know their candidates before heading out to the polls. Remember, Oct. 5 is the voter registration deadline for the election. Below you will find a breakdown of the local elections for Milton.

Race: Mayor (unopposed)

NAME: Joe Lockwood

AGE: 45

OCCUPATION: Owner. J. K. Lockwood Construction Company, Inc., Licensed Commercial General Contractor

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Mayor of Milton three years

CIVIC EXPERIENCE & ORGANIZATIONS: North Fulton Senior Services, Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce, Birmingham United Methodist Church board of trustees/building committee chair

FAMILY: Wife Dawn of 20 years and three children: Morgan, 17, Evans, 15, and Charlie, 9

WHY I AM RUNNING: I am proud to have served Milton for the last three years and look forward to a positive four more as we move into the future. I also wholeheartedly support the three incumbants on our council who are up for re-election, Karen Thurman, Bill Lusk and Tina D'Aversa, as they have helped me build a balanced team that has moved Milton in a positive direction, and I believe that has made our city a better place since we were incorporated. I also want to thank our leaders from the state, specifically Rep. Jan Jones, for their hard work in allowing us to become a city.Thank you to all of our citizens, and please know that I am always available to you if I can help.

Race: Council District 1

NAME: Bernard W. Wolff

AGE: 67

OCCUPATION: Business consultant (new and distressed companies), manufacturer's representative, exports, farming

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: None for elective office. Active participant in Swift Boat Sailors & POWs for Truth (non partisan) in 2004.

CIVIC EXPERIENCE & ORGANIZATIONS: Overseas trade missions organized by U.S. government, including to ASEAN nations, India and Pakistan; technical associations here and abroad relating to textile and paper manufacturing technologies; former president, Georgia International Trade Association; former chairman, ICTT (Internation Council of Textile Technologists, Buenos Aires, Argentina); committee chairman in Technical Association of Pulp and Paper Industries; Piedmont Driving Club, Atlanta; former U.S. Navy lieutenant; business activities in specialty chemical business in U.S., and export business to over 40 countries worldwide.

FAMILY: Married 30 years to Betty Ann Rockwell Wolff; son Bernard J. Wolff, 27, and daughter Elizabeth G. Wolff, 24.

WHY I AM RUNNING: I have decided to seek the seat in District 1 on the Milton City Council after experiencing first hand the undelivered promises of my opponent for a protected Milton and actively engaging in the planning process regarding our city's future. Commentary, actions and votes reveal that Milton is at a crossroads between the Milton we were promised versus a community in which quality of life is given a back seat to development. Density is not the only solution to budget balancing. I grew up in this area. It is special to me. We decided to have our 114-acre farm become part of Milton based upon the promise of a "rural" atmosphere, limited government, self-reliant citizens and lower taxes. This vision is in jeopardy. I believe that the special people who live in Milton have the imagination, desire and ability to bring this vision to fruition, but I believe a change of leadership in District 1 is necessary to make that vision a reality.

Race: Council District 1 (I)

NAME: Karen C. Thurman

AGE: 49 OCCUPATION: Certified Public Accountant, partner with Frazier & Deeter, LLC

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Milton City Councilwoman 2006-present; Milton Mayor Pro Tempore 2006-2007

CIVIC EXPERIENCE & ORGANIZATIONS: Chairman of the NW Fulton Overlay; chairman of the Rural Preservation Steering Committee; member of the Crabapple Master Plan Committee; chairman of the Fulton County Board of Zoning Appeals; city of Milton Organizing Committee; chairman of the Budget & Finance Committee for the city of Milton Organizing Committee

FAMILY: Married to husband Mark Thurman for over 25 years; two children Claire, 21, and Ryan, 19

WHY I AM RUNNING: I fell in love with the area that is now Milton more than 30 years ago. The community's unique historic and rural character is the reason we chose to raise our family here. Over the past 20 years I have worked hard to preserve the ambience we in Milton cherish. Through the use of overlays, master plans, design standards, and proper planning we continue to limit development and insure our quality of life is maintained.My understanding and experience in community planning, combined with my financial background in both the private and public sectors has proven to be instrumental in establishing our vision as a city. Our country is currently experiencing tough economic times and Milton is not immune to them. Now more than ever we must have experienced elected officials leading our city. Experience is critical in determining the long-term plan for Milton, which includes a realistic financial model to carry out that vision. We as a city have both the opportunity and challenge of deciding how our limited tax dollars are best spent. As a fiscal conservative, I believe a strong public safety department is essential. I also agree with our residents that we must implement a transportation plan that includes congestion relief and improves our most dangerous intersections. Finally, I support the community's desire to develop both active and passive recreation areas and a trail system to serve all of our residents.The next four years will be more critical than the last three in determining Milton's ability to financially survive and thrive. My knowledge of the budget, the governing process and my love for this community mean that I will continue to work tirelessly for solutions. This election is about Milton, and I intend to work for all residents of our great city.

Race: Council District 3 (write-in candidate)

NAME: Al Trevillyan

AGE: 73

OCCUPATION: Retired, 30-plus years in chemical research and development

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Comprehensive Planning Advisory Committee, Milton; Zoning Board of Appeals, Illinois; Economic Development Commission, Illinois

CIVIC EXPERIENCE & ORGANIZATIONS: Chamber of Commerce, Illinois; Alpharetta Police Department volunteer; assistant Scoutmaster, BSA, Illinois; Environmental impact committee, Washington, D.C.

FAMILY: Married 23 years; five grown children

WHY I AM RUNNING: I am very clear about why I entered this race. My family and I moved to the Milton area because of its rural character. I have seen the high-density growth in areas surrounding Milton over a short period of time and do not want to see that happen in Milton. My opponent, by his actions and voting record, supports high-density development, and our rural character is in jeopardy. Unless there is a change in District 3, the Milton we know now will not exist in four years. When the economy rebounds, and it will rebound, there will be aggressive pressure to accelerate and approve inappropriate density. We must take action now. I choose to live in Milton and will remain focused on supporting the vision adopted by Milton, "preserving and enhancing our rural character." I believe the residents of Milton share my ideals, and I further believe a change is required in District 3 to maintain our truly special community character and quality of life.

Race: Council District 3 (I)

NAME: William C. "Bill" Lusk, P.E.

AGE: 65

OCCUPATION: General contractor, church builder

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Three years on Milton City Council

CIVIC EXPERIENCE & ORGANIZATIONS: Past president, DeKalb Citizen Advocacy Board; Southern Polytechnic State University Construction Industry Advisory Board; Northwest Fulton Design Review Board; Georgia Society of Professional Engineers; Associated General Contractors of America; Former Assistant Boy Scout Leader Troop 549; Knights of Columbus St. Brendan's Council 12942; Atlanta Viet Nam Veterans Business Association; VFW Post 12002; American Legion Post 201; Sons of the American Revolution, Piedmont Chapter; Georgia State Building Codes Advisory Committee; Public Works Committee for the city of Milton Organizing Committee

FAMILY: Married 41 years to Jane Ferguson; two grown sons, Matthew and Dr. Mark Lusk

WHY I AM RUNNING: As we depart from the private-public model for the city, I believe that I can lend invaluable experience from my 24 years in running my business. As a civil engineer and general contractor, I bring decades of experience in the Public Works sector. As an historian and preservationist I recognize and appreciate our local heritage and the need to embrace this unique area we call Milton. As an animal lover and old farm boy, I love the equestrian nature of our community and will fight to preserve and promote it.

Race: Council District 5

NAME: Joseph Longoria

AGE: 49

OCCUPATION: Software executive


CIVIC EXPERIENCE & ORGANIZATIONS: Vice president, The Umbrella Foundation; board member and treasurer, Crooked Creek Homeowners Association; finance committee chairman, Crooked Creek Amenities Project; commissioner, Chattahoochee District, Boy Scouts of America; Troop Leader, Troop 7153, Saint Brigid Catholic Church

FAMILY: Married to wife Brenda with three children: Jennifer, Joseph and Jason.

WHY I AM RUNNING: The city of Milton has been my home for the past 11 years. My wife and I have raised our three children here, and have a deep devotion to both our neighborhood and the city.I believe that community involvement is an important aspect of our responsibilities as citizens. I have a long track record of working with organizations ranging from small school related committees to very large, city-wide organizations that served 80,000-plus members. This experience has taught me many important lessons regarding leadership, gaining consensus, the importance of difficult decisions and the value of diversity.As a member of the Boy Scouts of America, I was part of an executive team that made decisions for all members in the Atlanta Area Council – one of the largest councils of the Boy Scouts of America. While most people think of the Boy Scouts as the local troop or Cub Scout pack, in reality the Boy Scouts is one of the largest and best run organizations in America, with a total membership of over 4 million youth and volunteer leaders.From a business point of view, I am an accomplished executive with a track record of helping companies grow and succeed by establishing vision, mission and goals. I understand the decisions that must be made to achieve success – the easy decisions as well as the difficult ones; the same decisions that Milton must make in the near future.Our young city faces many challenges over the next four years. I am eager to share my leadership experience and business expertise to help address these challenges. In order for Milton to establish itself as a dynamic, highly valued community, it must embrace the diversity of its citizens, their opinions and their needs.For this reason, I am seeking election to the city council.

Race: Council District 5 (I)

NAME: Tina D'Aversa

AGE: 43

OCCUPATION: Education and publishing

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Three years on the Milton City Council

CIVIC EXPERIENCE & ORGANIZATIONS: Past chairman of the North Metro Miracle League; past chairman of the local school council; past member of the Alpharetta Athletic League Board; eight years as a Sunday School teacher; past HOA president and board member; past Fellowship of Christian Athletes chairman; 2003 Leadership Atlanta; board member, TAG; member, Republican Party.

FAMILY: Three sons: Jacob, 16, Jared, 13 and Jordin, 10; divorced.

WHY I AM RUNNING: I have a proven record of leadership, experience and trust. I have: protected Milton's unique, rural equestrian character by consistently applying land-use policies; voted consistently against over-development and variance requests to our developmental standards; improved the quality of life and safety of our citizens by voting to approve speed limit reductions and funding for traffic and intersection improvements; encouraged fiscally responsible spending and cost-saving measures while improving efficiency and quality of service; supported the early deployment of an outstanding, fully equipped police and fire service; sponsored the creation of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board to ensure public involvement in the development and expansion of Milton parks; encouraged quality growth and development by adopting a comprehensive zoning ordinance; sponsored a resolution to establish the Milton Disability Awareness Committee to promote the inclusion of persons of all abilities in Milton; sponsored a resolution to form the Highway 9 Design Review Board to pro-actively enhance the Highway 9/Deerfield area; and voted against sewer extension.In my next term, I will: preserve our city's unique history and rural, equestrian character by upholding our new 25-year comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance and not supporting the expansion of sewer service; promote appropriate development of the Deerfield and Highway 9 character areas by upholding the Highway 9 Design Guidelines currently under revision; expand Bell Memorial Park and begin the development of Birmingham Park, utilizing our Parks Authority for funding; increase availability of green space and pocket parks through alternative funding and partnerships with business owners and citizen groups; and support the development of the new Fulton County Public Library that is unique to Milton and adds to our unique character.


Anonymous said...

Which neighborhood HOA was Tina president ?

Anonymous said...

Do you have some inside "scoop" on the HOA. The way you wrote that "sounds" funny. Maybe not too nice. So I went back to read it and am sure Tina is accurate about that BUT....I think I'm going to throw up after just reading the line, member of "Republican Party". It'd be nice if personal information like where you go to church was kept separate from campaign materials. I know not many agree with me but it's kind of like I'm in this or in that fraternity and so pick me, pick me.

Anonymous said...

Tina was Secretary on Champions View HOA.

Anonymous said...

A real republican wouldn't pursue med/dental benefits for part time council people, as she did in the early weeks of cityhood.

Anonymous said...

I agree. A part time city job does not need pricey benefits attached. The city has no extra money to do anything. Cut some council seats, do you really need 6 people to do this job? I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Who is running in District 6? It seems it has dropped off the end of the earth

Anonymous said...

I'm for anyone who will protect the equestrian heritage of Milton. Unfortunately I've found that horse farms and subdivisions do not mix. We are a disappearing way of life.

Which candidates live in subdivisions and which candidates live on acreage?

Anonymous said...

District 1

Karen Thurman - Sub
Bernard Wolff - Acreage (my choice!)

District 3

Bill Lusk - Acreage
Al Trevillyan - Acreage (my choice!)

District 5

Tina D'Aversa - Sub (my choice!)
Joe Longoria - Sub