Monday, April 06, 2009

Young Entrepreneur Creates Milton Business Owner Lauren Haase with Mom Paula & A Client.

Milton is known for many things; from the rural character to thesuccessful people that call it home and everything in between. Many residents make a living by working for themselves. One entrepreneur in particular has created a business which focuses on helping citizens withtheir furry friends...and she is not even old enough to drive.

"I'm fourteen," Founder Lauren Haase relayed in a recent telephone interview. The business, founded in 2008, helps customers whenthey are in need of a pet sitter; "Our sitting is for house pets of all sorts - from dogs to cats to lizards to fish, and everything in between" her website proudly states. While she would love to help out anyone withtheir pet sitting needs, there are a few things that, well, are just too big, "I can't really sit big animals like horses and cows."

While the younger generation can be known for their lack of focus, Lauren is not one of them. According to dad Karl, his daughter's decision tolaunch Miltonpets was thought out over time. "She did quite a bit of research before settling on the Pet Sitting idea, " he recently shared. Starting a business is no easy affair; big or small and this young entrepreneur had her own hurdles to cross. Long term goals were established and a business plan was created. She even designed andpublished her very own company web site. "It was a struggle getting it off the ground but we're doing well now," she said.

To date, she has six clients and would like to have up to fifty within a years time.'s rates are affordable as well. A thirty minute visit willrun you $10 and up to two pets will be taken care of. Not only does she walk your best friend and feed them, but she can also administer medication and "give them attention." She is willing to visit up to fourtimes a day.When it comes to managing her profits, this young lady has everything in line."I put most of my money into my college fund. I keep a little for extra spending money and I put some of it into a fund so I can go toFrance maybe senior year."

Lauren's passion for independent success recently caught the eye of one of Milton's Council Members. "I am excited to see young citizens of Milton learning business and making money!" commented Council Person Tina D'Aversa."The benefits of starting a business like pet sitting far out way the money Ms. Haase is earning. She is learning life skills that will help her success later in life. "

Parents Karl & Paula Haase are extremely proud of their daughter's focus,"She must listen to Clark Howard since she is very thrifty in her approach, "Karl added, "really thinking how to reach her targeted customers in the most economical way possible."

Lauren plans on majoring in business when her college years come around. From there, she intends on keeping her entrepreneurial spirit alive. "The business I had in mind was a pet boarding chain." Imagine that...


Anonymous said...

Looks like the dog wants to bite her! Great story and I am glad to see our youth reaching out for their future.

Anonymous said...

Good job Lauren! Keep working hard at it and you will continue success.