Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Poll Up.


We have a new poll up this month. It ask:

Who do you side with regarding the recent horse manure issue:Horse Owner Cynthia Chandlee or Neighbors Ricky & Kym Crittenden?

Have your say in the upper right corner.

The previous poll question asked:

Other Than Financial Reasons, What Do You Believe Is The Main Cause For Land Owners Selling Out To Development?


Traffic /Speeding-57%
Noise - 43%


Telephone Ted said...

I don't know much about much of anything, but it seems to me, people like the Crittenden are the reason some move. To get away from their nosy neighbors, goes back to the Scott-Irish that settled in the back ares. A heritage of self-reliance and dislike for totalitarian rule, live and let live. Heck what's next, will the Crittendens want to define the number of children people have or have them keep inside at all time so they don't have to listen to wonderful sounds of children growing up and having fun. Reminds me of the Alpharetta Mother that had herself and husband declared unfit parents for only one of their 3 children, cause he was autistic. Her reason he was disruptive during the family dinners and it was not fair to the other children. So he's now a ward of the state of georgia, living in a state home on our dime, while she still lives in Alpharetta wearing her gold rolex she wore when she posed for the AJC. Personal responibily is departing this society.

oh well just another passive-aggressive act, call the government get people involved that should have better things to do..

Oh well just my two cents worth

got to go climb some poles.....

Anonymous said...

Well put Tele Ted!

Anonymous said...

Please post a picture of Mrs. Crittenden and then I'll make my vote.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe a picture of Laura Bentley, since she has been quoted. Word had it she is the one that had the husband willing to show her for $10 instead of $20?