Monday, April 20, 2009

***Crime Alert!***

Many thanks to 30004USA for sharing this informatin with us.

Dear Milton Neighbors:

The email below began circulating in our area yesterday, April 19th, and was confirmed as truthful by several residents that personally know the two families in the Tullamore subdivision.
Also of great concern is the (unconfirmed by us yet) report of an robbery in the Oaks at White Columns subdivision where the police responded to a security alarm break in and found a man armed with a gun in the home when searched.

Additionally, a home in the Birmingham community appears to have been "cased" by a African American woman, well-dressed, with a clipboard who states that she is from the Fulton County Pool Inspection office and must walk around the home to look at backyards. She was seen walking around the perimeter of a home (without a pool) at least three times and when the homeowner called Fulton County they found out that there is no such department.

The exact date and time of these last two incidents are unknown but have been recent.
Let's keep the emails going strong around our area and always notify your friends and neighbors in Milton if you are aware of questionable activity. Of course, after calling 9-1-1 and reporting it to the Police first.

Please Be Safe,

Hi,If you live in the area please read this.We live in Tullamore off of Birmingham Hwy in Milton. This morning around 5 am, our car, parked in the driveway, had itemsstolen from it. Immediately following this , our neighbor was robbed at gun point. He was in his office, over the garage,while his wife and children were asleep in the house.The robbers were described as two young (18-20) year old, well spoken, black men.We were shocked to think that this could happen in our area, and told by Milton Police that this was the first armed robbery to occur in Milton.Please alert your neighbors and pass this along. The Milton Police are working tocatch these guys, but until they do they are still out there, and a potential danger to the community.

Thank you,Cheryl


Anonymous said...

I have watched over the past few years as north Fulton and South Forsyth counties have gone down hill as a result on the influx of THUD-s. It will be as bad a South Atlanta soon, at least the day labor population are willing to work, the THUD (Obama-ams) fell they can take whatever they want. Enjoy the end of the safe place it was 7 years ago when I moved here. The high tech India and Asian family were a welcome to the community, but the Obama-ams are just stupid leaches.....

Anonymous said...

The above sender just goes to prove that "prejudice is alive and well " in Milton. So sad...........

Anonymous said...

Prejudice is everywhere in everything and against everyone.

I take no offense.

Anonymous said...

Is poster # 2 a THUD?

Anonymous said...

Can poster #1 spell? "Leaches"? "fell"?

I dislike filth in our community as much as the next guy but you look bad when you burst out of the gate like Typo Timmy.

Anonymous said...

To above poster: Did you win the spelling bee in fifth grade?

Anonymous said...

About two months ago, my car was broken into at around 4:30 a.m. After stealing items from my car, they then entered the garage office of my neighbor and walked around some other neighboring homes. They were spotted and the police was called. They ran but one of their cars was confiscated and I was able to get all of my belongings back.

I would like to make a few points. First, to the first comment, while I understand your fear, my two burglars were causian, aged 20 to 24 and one of them lives in Milton close to the high school. We are seeing more close in suburban type crime here in Milton, but I am not so sure that its roaminng bands of thugs from the inner city targeting us as much as our population and the N. Fulton population has grown and these are issues that come with this growth. When I was retrieving my belongings from the confiscated car at the Police Station, it was obvious that this young Milton man had a very bad drug problem.

Secondly, the Milton Police Department did an excellent job in getting my belongings back, but they did not move forward with an arrest and prosecution of the thieves even though I push hard for it and let them know I would testify. If we lived in Atlanta or Dekalb or most communities here, I would not have gotten my belongings back. Milton Police responded quickly, chased the thieves, confiscated their car, processed the car at the station and called me by 9:00 a.m. My only disapointment is that they didn't prosecute the case. Milton should prosecute all cases so we can let the entire metropolitan community know that we are very tough on crime and there are no free rides in Milton.

Anonymous said...

Appears some may know people in high places and this equates to a free ride. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

With reference to the police catching these individuals, just remember, A blind hog finds an acorn every now and then.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the 30004usa poster.

This information has pushed my family to take notice of our surroundings no matter where we are. Now we have a plan should our house be broken into or in case of a fire.

This happened to close to home this time.