Friday, April 03, 2009

Milton cop shoots charging pit bull

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Friday, April 03, 2009

A Milton police officer responding to a call Thursday from a man trapped in his house by a pitbull ended up shooting the dog when it charged him.

A police report said that police had responded to numerous complaints regarding vicious dogs early in the week. The first call came Tuesday when two pitbulls killed rabbits belonging to Ricardo Martinez, 37. Fulton County Animal Control caught one of the dogs.

The next day, the remaining dog chased Martinez inside his house when he came home from work, the report said. Officer Andrew Phillips said the dog reacted aggressively toward him but didn’t attack. the Animal Control officer promised to trap the dog.

On Thursday, Phillips responded to a call that the dog was on Martinez’s porch and wouldn’t let him out. Martinez told police he was afraid for his 3-year-old son who often plays in the yard. When the officer approached the front yard, at first he could only hear the dog growling. Then he saw it jump off the porch and run toward him.

Phillips fired one shot with a .40-caliber handgun, which struck the pitbull in the middle of the chest, the report said. The dog, bleeding heavily, ran into nearby woods. Phillips did not pursue the wounded animal.

Police do not know who owned the dogs, and they have not found the dog that was shot.


Anonymous said...

If they havent caught the dog, are we sure it wasn't councilmember Bailey? She is offten lovingly refered to as a pit bull.

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap! I hope it wasn't Daisey?

Anonymous said...

This poor dog was shot due to the owners negligence. How horrible.

Whoever is continuosly posting about Julie, why don't you stop being a coward and post your name, otherwise we consider you officially the "Chicken Blogger".
(I'd post my name by that might switch your sick fixation onto me instead)

-Milton Citizen

Anonymous said...

I did post my name but everytime I do the administrator removes my post.

You arent one of those "chicken people" from Roswell, are you?

Anonymous said...

Even though the dog was a threat to humans, the policeman should have followed the dog after he shot him to make sure he was dead. What if the badly injured dog would have come across someone in his aggravated state....