Sunday, April 05, 2009

Did You Hear? Radio Coming To Milton.

Magnolia Media To Partner with T-Bird Radio.

Coming May 15th, 2009, won't just be focusing on information in the visual form. Partnering with Internet based T-Bird radio out of Newnan, GA, parent company Magnolia Media will be launching "Accessmilton Radio."

The programming will cover all aspects of daily life in Milton, Georgia. "This is an exciting time for us." said Magnolia Media Founder Tim Enloe. "The media world is going through an evolution now. We feel that adding the Internet radio aspect to our current offering helps to provide an additional format for information and entertainment locally. It is perfectly timed."

T-Bird Radio owner Tony Daniel agrees. "The larger media companies of today have forgotten about the smaller markets such as Milton, Johns Creek, etc. Our goal is to provide a medium that will help support each community's various interests."

Daniel is currently known to many around the world as "Captain Tony" the host and program director of "The Moonlight Cruise with Captian Tony" - an all request radio show with Internet based Revolution Radio.

The costs to advertise or run programming falls in line with Magnolia Media's popular rate concept of a dollar a day. With Internet radio, the rates will start at a dollar a minute.

Some of the shows they will be offering include:

The Equestrian Hour - focuses on the equestrian lifestyle.
The Children's Story - Bed time stories read for children.
The Green Thumb - Gardening an interest? Then your good here.
Is It Me? - a talk / radio format allowing people to chime in on local politics.
Fore! - Golfers, look out!
Days On The Market - A Local Real Estate Show.

Additional segments will be offered to local politicians and businesses. All request music will be the norm from early evening to late morning sharing tunes from the 50's to present day.

Accessmilton radio is the initial launch between the two companies. Eventually, the goal is to have a radio station in each market where they have an established web presence.

For more information, you can reach Magnolia Media founder Tim Enloe at 770 653 0552 or T-Bird Radio founder Tony Daniel at 404 324 0870.

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