Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day Of Service A Huge Success!


Great to see everyone at Birmingham Park this past Saturday. I was honored to work with all of you! Below you will see an quick update from Jon McPhail. Picture credit above goes to Patti Silva of Thanks to both of you!

- Tim Enloe; Magnolia Media, LLC

A brief recap of the numbers involved in the Great American Cleanup/Day of Service effort to clean up Birmingham Park in Milton on Saturday, Aprl 25: (all numbers approximate):

Dumps removed-5
Barbed wire fence removed-1.5 linear miles (times four strands).
Roadway right-of-way cleared-3/4 mile.
Acres of pasture bush-hogged and cleared of excess tree growth-6.
House on site cleaned inside and out, roof and back porch repaired.

Jon McPhail


Miltonville said...

Check out LOTS more photos on
It was a great day! We live in a wonderful community!

Anonymous said...

City dude sitting atop the tractor, trying to look like a local, priceless.

Anonymous said...

He is a local and a nice guy too. Since there is not a photo on this particular post I suppose you are talking about our Mayor.

Anonymous said...

I think they mean the white haired guy on the little blue tractor?

Anonymous said...

OB was on a tractor?