Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Updates Regarding Break In.

Many thanks to Council Person Zahner Bailey, Public Safety Director Chris Lagerbloom, and various citizens for sharing the following information.

Dear neighbors, citizens and friends –

I am aware of this horrible crime in Milton and was in touch with our City Manager almost immediately on Saturday after it happened. Not only am I concerned as a Council member, I am concerned as a neighbor and friend. Below is an email from our City Manager, Chris Lagerbloom (also previously the Director of Public Safety) addressing the situation.

I wanted to send this to you so that you would know this is a top priority. Please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Lagerbloom at or myself at if you have any questions that we can address.

Please know, I will send out a factual release once the City of Milton has more factual information to share.

Thank you,

Julie Zahner Bailey
City of Milton Council member
404-310-6344 (cell)

The email from Mr. Lagerbloom follows:

I was notified by Councilmember Zahner Bailey of an email string that started based on a horrific crime that occurred in Milton early Saturday morning. When crimes like this occur, it is very natural to initially be shocked that this could even occur in our City – and it is very appropriate to be concerned; even frightened. This is one of those unfortunate reminders crime knows no boundaries. The Milton Police Department takes these types of incidents very seriously and is very equipped to conduct the appropriate investigation and with some skill will be able to bring these men to justice.

Additionally, please take this tragic opportunity to do something positive in your home for you and your family. Our community is stronger than any of these criminals. This is the time to focus on being a good neighbor, and a proactive homeowner in Milton. Please continue to be aware of your surroundings and report20anything suspicious. Many times in my career I tried to explain suspicious. I don’t think I ever got it right, but always said, “If it makes you say hmmm” the police need to know about it. The Milton Police Department will be putting together a more detailed and factual response to the emails that have started. The emails I have seen will likely raise a level of fear, that’s what these bad guys want. As a community, let’s replace that fear with determination to find these two guys that committed a horrible crime in Milton. More soon and as information becomes available,

Chris Lagerbloom, City Manager


Anonymous said...

The citizens have every right in this city and country to send emails to our friends, neighbors, relatives, etc. that a crime has occurred and/or a crime may have occured and needs to be validated. If we wait for confirmation or for it to appear in the newspaper or email from the City, this time lapse could mean the difference for someone else's family who could have been put on alert preventing another family from becoming a victim. The First Amendment gives us this right to communicate to each other, in person, or over the internet, or however we choose. I'd rather be given a heads up and find out later confirmation either way, then to fall victim. We are a tight knit community and rely on the people we know for credible information. Kudos to all who have been sending out emails to alert the rest of the community.

Milton Resident

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Anonymous said...

I just wish from now on when council member Bailey is "aware of this crime almost immediately after it occured" that she would do something about it before it happens!

Is she good or what!

Anonymous said...

Yeh... maybe council member Bailey should have looked into her crystal ball and nabbed the perps in the act... you are a moron

Anonymous said...

you know, it's not really that even

it's that when something happens around here Julie has to jump in with 2 feet and appear all involved

i'm sure she is concerned, but pick your battles and maybe she would come across as a little more sincere

all this having to comment on nearly every little thing that happens in milton makes julie so annoying

that said, i did vote for her after seeing what the jerk roger santi had to say

Anonymous said...

Oh Shut Up!

Anonymous said...

I don't shut up, I grow up, and when I hear Julie talk, I throw up!

Anonymous said...

Julie does have a crystal balla, and it rides around in a silver Dodge!

Anonymous said...

What Julie did by contacting the authorities was the responsible thing to do. Mr. Lagerbloom is trying to discern fact from fiction...also what we expect from our leaders.

I appreciate their efforts to verify information.

Anonymous said...

she is just bs'ing you and doing her typical grandstanding.

Anonymous said...

Rather you are bs'ing us with your typical hate-mongering, unsubstantiated claims and absurd comments.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine being on a deserted sland with her? I would drown myself.

Anonymous said...

If she doesn't drown you first.

Anonymous said...

She would drown you. It would be like "drinkin from a fire hose"!