Saturday, January 17, 2009

Welcome Hunters' Christmas Tree Farm To!


We are proud to announce one of's newest members; the wonderful Hunters' Christmas Tree Farm located off of Wood Road in Milton, Georgia!

The Hunter family has lived in the area for many years and their farm is truly an asset to the city. If you haven't included Hunters' Christmas Tree farm in your Christmas traditions, start in 2009!

They are also part of "Trees For Troops" which helps supply free trees to those in the military. Such patriotism is to be admired.

Check them out today!

Tim Enloe
Magnolia Media, LLC


Anonymous said...

Now do they compete wit Bailey farms?

Anonymous said...

I think Hunter's Tree Farm actually has something to offer while Bailey "Farms and Garden" just rides around.

Anonymous said...

I will bet if Bailey Farms and Gardens will join the access Milton family like the Hunters, then they too will be succesful and wont have time to ride around.