Monday, January 19, 2009

Milton County Issue Revisited

Courtesy WSBRadio

By Chris Camp @ January 19, 2009

(WSB State Capitol Bureau) -- An renewed effort is underway to bring back Milton County. It merged with Fulton County during the depression to avoid bankrupty .

Rep. Jan Jones (R-Alpharetta) tells WSB 's Sandra Parrish she's reintroducing a constitutional amendment to allow the re-creation of a previously existing county which was merged into another county.

If passed by the General Assembly, voters would then decide the issue in the 2010 general election. A local referendum would then be held among the affected residents.

"For them it is still about having more control and more elected influence," says Jones.
She says if recreated, Milton would be the fifth largest county in Georgia.

But many members of the Fulton County legislative delegation remain opposed to the idea.
Rep. Tyrone Brooks (D- Atlanta) says the costs of starting a new government should be considered especially after the creation of five new cities in metro Atlanta. "How much more money will it take to finance the operation of these governments," he says.

Jones has the support of members representing the northern end of the county.


Anonymous said...

Tyrone Brooks is right, we don't need another county and O'Bama agrees.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Regardless, you're not going to get another county. If you did it would be screwed up like City of Milton.

Anonymous said...

Jan Jones saw all the yankees and newcomers and sold them a bill of goods on creating the City of Milton. She's at it again, don't be duped a second time. It will be much costlier this time. The taxes will be so high, just like the ones you escaped to move here. Mark my word.