Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Poll / Last Poll Results


We have a new poll up which ask:

Should the City Of Milton pave the remaining gravel roads in Milton?

Have you say today in the upper right hand corner!

Last month's poll question was:

Should the City Of Milton delay any extra projects due to the decrease in property values / lower tax base?

The results were:

Yes - 76%
No - 24%


Anonymous said...

This was a BS Survey.

Property values weren't lowered by the Fulton County Tax Assessor.

Anonymous said...

The gravel roads are part of the rural charm this community has supported for decades - why are you people trying to change things? Why did most of you move here? Horse farms, rolling hills, small quaint two laned roads -some gravel, lots of trees and minimal traffic. If we pave & widen all the gravel roads, let them bring sewer in, approve zoning changes against the approved master plan, allow continued development of what is mostly all empty retail space, gate off through streets that happen to be in a subdivision,...where will we all be living? In a place that no longer looks like HOME!!

Anonymous said...

This place began looking like "NOT HOME" more than 25 years ago. Probably before the above poster moved in. It is beyond the point of no return, so pave, sewer, build and don't worry about it.

Anonymous said...

yeah, don't worry about it until it impacts your wallet and you're stuck paying even more for all the development that you didn't want anyway.

Let's invite more developers like Wieland Homes into the city. Maybe they've got more plans that'll dam the city (pun intended).

Anonymous said...

As long as everyone has to pay, it will be o.k., we'll still have this thing called "Milton".

Anonymous said...

hey, sounds like you don't have a financial care in the world. Float me a loan.

Anonymous said...

Collateral ????