Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Milton Subdivision Tries To Lock Out Traffic

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A packed house came away from a Milton City Council meeting without getting what they wanted, but with assurances that the council is sympathetic to their cause.

Residents of the 640-home subdivision are asking the city to allow it to become a gated community, responsible for its own roads. The request has been prompted largely by the high volume of traffic with drivers using the subdivision’s main street as a short-cut. As a gated community, it could block off the cut-through traffic.

City Attorney Ken Jarrard told the council that to comply with state law, the city would need to determine that it no longer needed to be used by the public, and then it would require the consent of all the people on the road, a standard the residents said would be impossible to reach.
City Public Works Director Dan Drake proposed a sliding scale that would allow roads to be abandoned with approval of 90 percent of affected homes in a subdivision with more than 100 lots. Crooked Creek representatives said that bar was still unrealistically high.

Among possible options that emerged was detectors laid on roads to gauge speed, more patrol cars, and increased stop sign enforcement.

Mayor Joe Lockwood told the residents that he supported their wish but needed more information. The topic will be taken up by a Comprehensive Transportation Planning committee that is set to meet later this month. The city also is setting up a task force to explore solutions.


Anonymous said...

Do you think any of the dudes and dudetts, living in Crooked Creek, drive through other subdivisions as a short cut?

Anonymous said...

nope, never. They get their limo drivers to go around.
Stop fussing you middle classer!

Anonymous said...

Not fussin. Got news for ya, they're just a little short on being high class, if that is what you are insinuating.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Crooked Creek is actually below average as far as values compared to the rest of Milton. However they are a little better than the plastic sewer row houses.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure once the residents of the plastic sewer row house get their handouts and change from bikes to cars, they too will want to be gated.

Anonymous said...

When leaving a STOP sign, do as it suggests, Spin Tires On Pavement.

Raindancer said...

I can see both sides. It is a public road. However it goes through the heart of a neighborhood of private residents. The term privacy should be respected for most homeowners. If the neighborhood wants to maintain the road that is less money for Milton to have to pay to up keep the road. There is so much development on HWY.9 that the traffic cut through will increase. It really hurts home values for resale if there is a lot of traffic and noise.