Friday, January 09, 2009

Recycling Program at Bell Memorial

Visitors to the City of Milton's Bell Memorial Park will no longer have to toss that empty soda can or depleted water bottle into the trash; instead, they will be able to recycle them and other materials thanks to a new free recycling program offered by the Milton Grows Green committee and Community Waste Services.

Under the partnership, the environmental committee MGG, will place signs and barrels for recycling at various locations throughout the park, located at 15245 Bell Park Road. CWS will provide both the containers and recycling pickup services at no charge.

The program begins in January."Milton Grows Green is happy to play a part in starting the pilot recycling program at Bell Memorial Park," said Melissa Estes, committee co-chair. "This is a program that helps the environment while helping the city save money."Anyone interested in the committee's activities or in environmental issues is encouraged to contact MGG through

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Anonymous said...

Want to bet, motorists will drive by and deposit household garbage in these barrels.