Friday, December 13, 2013

"Rural" Petition Floating Around Community.

By Tim Enloe;

Another petition is floating around Milton in an attempt to preserve the little "rural character" that is left.

The "Preserve Rural Milton Initiative", whose prime target is Mayor Joe Lockwood along with City Council, currently has 114 supporters. 

It begins "In light of the recent brigade of bulldozers and destruction of woodlands and green pastures in Milton, many of us have felt sadness, discouragement, and even anger about the loss of greenspace in our city.  We know that progress is inevitable. Yet, somehow we feel the city officials have failed us by not proactively preparing for the influx of development and sprawl into our beloved rural landscape..."

There is no official break down of supporters who live in subdivision neighborhoods as opposed to open road neighborhoods.

To read more about this citizen movement, click here

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