Wednesday, May 29, 2013

'Fore the love of a horse'

AM NOTE: Until Liberty's Law is presented to Milton City Council at a City Council meeeting and steps are taken to protect Milton's horses from abuse and harassment, KEEP YOUR HORSES OUT OF MILTON GEORGIA.

President Miaka Palmieri, center, Kathy Ivy, right, and Sheelagh Cafferkey give attention to Belle, a cancer survivor who was saved by For the Love of a Horse.

Courtesy Milton Herald

May 28, 2013

MILTON, Ga. — Clear the fairway and gather the foursomes, Fore the Love of a Horse Golf Classic is back June 7 at the Trophy Club of Atlanta, and the shot-gun start shoots at 10 a.m.

For the Love of a Horse organization is hosting its second annual golf tournament to fundraise for their program that gives horses a second chance and a new beginning.

"The first one was really a success, so we figured we would have a second one," said the organization's president, Miaka Palmieri. "We have a great day of golf planned. We are already up to 12 foursomes, which is super, because three foursomes is what we had last year. "

For the Love of a Horse formed in 2009 with a group of ladies who worked in the corporate industry, and it continued to grow into the community outreach and horse rescue program it is now. "It started with a horse that everyone wanted to put down," said Palmieri. "They said Gracie had no chance of living a quality life. We got her the help that we needed and she is proof today what the love and devotion of lots of people can do for an animal."

When a horse would normally be euthanized due to disease or broken bones, the organization takes the horse and owner to veterinarians like those at Auburn University and the University of Georgia. They pay the provider for care and they stay involved with the horse for the rest of its life.

"Especially with horses, people think that if they aren't working or they aren't riding that they are disposable," Palmieri said. "We want to let people know that you don't necessarily have to put down an animal. There are people out there and resources that will help them get the care they need."

For the Love of a Horse is different than other horse rescue organizations though, Palmieri said, because they give back to the community through outreach programs.

Their horses visit nursing homes, veterans hospitals and children's hospitals to show them what the love and support for animals can do. "It is living proof that when you bring animals to people who are ill, unhappy or depressed that it does make a difference," Palmieri said. "So we are helping the animals, but even more than that, we have gone out into the community, helped a lot of people and shared the joy."

To earn funds for the program, For the Love of a Horse hosts events like their golf tournament, and the ladies attend craft festivals selling things like homemade candles, tote bags and jewelry. A lot of the money comes straight out of the founders' pockets. "We haven't turned a horse away yet, and that's a good thing," Palmieri said.  

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