Thursday, June 09, 2011

Introducing The Westbrooks And Their Garden.

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By Tim Enloe;

As many Milton residents know, the area that is known today as North Fulton County initially had it's start in agriculture.

Large, 100 to 1000 acre farms were still common place even as recent as the 1970's.

These agrarian businesses dealt with many different types of stock and produce, from cattle and pigs to corn and cotton. Green Farm, originally located in Crabapple, is actually on the record books for having grown one of the largest plumes of cotton in the state. Those familiar with Silos park can see what is left of this farm today.

With so many subdivisions and strip centers taking the place of this unique lifestyle, those that farmed this land are also becoming part of our history books as well. Thankfully in Milton, we still have a few citizens who not only lived that simple but hard life, but actually still practice it to some degree today.

Enter Mr. Paul Westbrook and wife Barbara; residents of what is now Milton Georgia going on 80 years.

Recently, this wonderful couple was kind enough to invite in for a visit and to tour their two plus acre garden.

While I have gardened since I was eight, I can tell you that I have never toiled in a garden of this magnitude and perfection. Interested in learning the trade yourself? Then call the Westbrooks and just listen.

To see this piece of land is a sight to behold; with rows loaded with 50 plus plants each carrying such favorites as squash, broccoli, and tomatoes. And you can throw that belief that age can slow you down out the window; it was tough to find one weed and everything is neat as a pin.

For the past two years, the Westbrooks have been a great asset to what is now known as "The Milton Market." While their tailgate is always a beehive of activity, their blue berries typically sell out within a couple of hours and any gardener will tell you that Westbrook tomatoes are hard to beat.

People like Paul & Barbara Westbrook are truly treasures to the City of Milton. The knowledge and experience they have cannot be surpassed. They are living history of what once was. With that, I encourage you to reach out to the Westbrooks as well. Just bring some sweet tea and smile; the rest will fall right into place...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Tim - I enjoyed this interview with Mr Westbrook and seeing his incredible garden.

Anonymous said...

More more more! Loved this piece Tim! Good luck with the market! Can we see the garden again when it's fully grown?

Shirley Allen said...

Thank you Tim. Daddy loves his garden and we do too now that we're adults and know how to appreciate his hard work and the bounty it provides. However, as a child wanting to do other things, it wasn't fun "playing" in the dirt digging up weeds and picking bushels of beans all summer. Now I can't wait to pick and enjoy that first serving of fresh green beans from Daddy's garden. It's funny how things change with time.
Thanks again for interviewing my favorite gardner!

Scott Westbrook said...


Thank you for the wonderful video. I know it is rare to find two individuals in the Milton area who have never lived more than two miles from where they do now. Daddy loves farming and has always had a beautiful garden. One thing you (or others at the market) might want to ask him about sometime is his theory about planting "by the signs". That technique has worked well for him over the years. Once again, thank you so much for the work you do in the area.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding - an article/interview that touched the hearts of people who have lived in this area for many years. We read access milton every day. Thank you for bringing back cherished memories.

Tim Enloe said...

Shirley and Scott:

So glad that you both were pleased with the article and video. It came right from my heart; I think the world of your folks and those like them.

When you get a moment, please email or call me. Wanted to run something by you.

Finally, to the other comment, I will touch base with the Westbrooks later this month to see if we can get some updated shots of their wonderful garden.


Tim Enloe / 770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

Great story and interview with a wonderful neighbor,person and friend. Paul and Barbara are both like some of our best neighbors that I knew growing up on a farm in SC. what a blessing to our community. Thanks much for video.
luther Boggs

BoQ said...

Wonderful article and video. The Westbrooks are truly the treasure of Milton.

Wanda said...

thanks for the great interview with my uncle paul.his younger brother talmadge is good too-runs in the family i guess.awesome farmers!