Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Please Help A Dog Find A Home!

Please see the following from Miltonian Rashell Scott.

Hi everyone....yesterday we acquired a third dog! She arrived in our yard and stayed here for hours-no collar or tags. I took her to our vet, and she has no chip. They helped me a little with some ticks she had-we applied frontline and she seems in pretty good health, so I'm at a loss as to where she came from. She is SO sweet! Wonderful with our kids, you can tell she's been around people, ridden in a car etc. I'm going topost some signs today butI'm sending this email to see if anyone could possible know of where she could belong, or if you would want to take her into your home to keep or know someone that would want to. I would keep her-that's how much I love her!....but with 2 dogs already we just can't. I really wouldn't be promoting her if I didn't think she was great-I'm just heartbroken because I just can't take her to Fulton Co. :( Please email me...forward this on...anything you can do to help-we need to solve the problem in the next day or so. Thank you! Rashell (bleeding heart dog lover!) :))

Here she is in attached files-she looks to me like a black lab mix-with a little white on her front-she's about 45lbs.-medium sized dog.

We live in Stratforde Estates off of Hopewell almost at the corner of Cogburn and Francis in Alpharetta/Milton.

I will be taking her in the morning somewhere if we don't get her placed, I have had no calls on her from my flyers and she needs to go to the vet asap.


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Miltonville said...

The following was rec'd in an rmail this evening and so I thought I would post it here so y'all know the happy ending. So far I think we have found a home for every lost or found dog.

Thanks to Tara Chambers and Family!

And thanks to the community of Milton for forwarding the emails!

I just wanted to encourage any of you that may be looking for a Vet to give Alpharetta Animal Hospital a try. They are incredible!!!!!!

The below dog needed to get to a vet and have a surgical procedure done on her ear. Rashell Scott, the woman who found the dog, had already done so much for this dog that I decided to see if I could find a vet willing to give a discount for a stray (my thought was a healthy dog is easier to find a home for). I called MANY vets and no one was able to offer any discount except for Alpharetta Animal Hospital. They said they could do 10% and their quote for the surgery was the best (quotes were averaging about $300 for the surgery).

Anyhow, I went in and told them to do what they needed to and the Vet said they would do their best to work with me since this was a stray. Not only did they do the surgery, they gave her all her shots and got her up to date on EVERYTHING!!!!

The unbelievable part – I walked out of there with a $164.00 bill – FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not believe how generous they were and to top it off – the vet (Dr. Shaw) came out and wanted to make sure that I was ok with what they charged me.

Oh – FYI – the dog’s name is now Lacy and permanently resides with the Chambers family