Monday, September 05, 2011

Please Join...

Courtesy Friends Of Matt Kunz & Elect Large 4 Milton, Inc.

Matt Kunz and Lance Large
District 2 District 6
Candidates for Milton City Council
Campaign Reception
Olde Blind Dog Irish Pub
12650 Crabapple Road
Tuesday September 13
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Meet the candidates and discuss the issues that will determine the future of our community.


Anonymous said...

This is really beginning to smell fishy. Is Chuck Campbell managing these new candidates? Someone mentioned his connection with Lance Large in an earlier post. Where do "The People" stand now?

Anonymous said...

If you think it is "fishy" then just dont vote for them. If you arent involved enough to realize why many want a change then just vote for whom you want to support?

Anonymous said...

To 10:33: I'm sure Julie Bailey would welcome your questions and your vote.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she will attend!

Anonymous said...

Chuck Campbell is running Lance Large's campaign. Chuck and Lockwood are friends and Chuck ran Lockwood's campaigns previously. But there is absolutely no connection, it is pure business and pure coincidence.

Wanting a change from what? At lease Bailey gives them a run everytime they want to do what they want around here, vote the new guys in and get another Burt puppet like Lockwood has. Is that the kind of change you want in this town. I want a diverse council, not one that will be like our Congress was, where both houses of Congres were controlled by one party. That is bad for the country and bad for our town as well. Gotta have diversity of views and opinion even if you don't agree with either side. It's better to have that then a free pass for the next two-4 years to do as this wish in this town.

When you have current council people going out and seeking others to unseat incumbents who are in their way of getting their hidden agendas pushed through easily, makes me sit up and go hmm. Not so fast.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Julie, just buy everyone some more t'shirts and they will all love you!

Anonymous said...

Agree with post 7:39. The biggest problem we have is the city manager and mayor. Julie is a huge barrier to the wrong doings in city hall. Please don't let us lose her.