Thursday, October 23, 2008

Resurfacing Projects

Portions of the following roads are scheduled to be resurfaced and patched as needed:

1. Creek Club Drive from SR 9 to Wolf Willow Close, 0.36 miles.
2. Thompson Road from Hopewell Road to Francis Road, 1.86 miles. **Please note that Thompson Road may only be patched in October and would then be resurfaced later this year.**
3. Bell Park Road from Thompson Road to Park Entrance to dead end, 0.29 miles.
4. White Columns Drive from Freemanville Road to Hampton Bluff Drive, 0.4 miles.
5. Treyburn Manor View from White Columns Drive to dead end, 0.6 miles.
6. Onagh Court from Glendlough Court to dead end, 0.16 miles.
7. Kilgarron Court from Powers Court Ave to Powers Court Ave., 0.11 miles.
8. Hopewell Crest from Hopewell Plantation Drive to dead end, 0.29 miles
9. Alicia Way from Hopewell to dead end, 0.1 miles.

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