Thursday, October 23, 2008

Comprehensive Plan Partial Update

On Nov. 3 the City Council will hold a public hearing for the Partial Update for the Comprehensive Plan. The preparation of the City's first Comp Plan was initiated in 2007. The Community Participation Program and the Community Assessment portions of the Plan have been successfully completed. The development of the final phase, the Community Agenda, is in progress. However, to address the pending deadline and allow for more time for completion of the Community Agenda, the City has agreed to complete a Partial Plan Update. It is the belief of the Department of Community Affairs and the Atlanta Regional Commission that a Partial Plan Update would move the City toward greater local control and self-determination. The partial update will serve as a "bridge" between the Focus Fulton 2025 (adopted by the City of Milton in 2006) and the new plan underway. The partial plan is essentially a repackaging of work already completed as part of the Community Assessment. By submitting the partial update, additional time is provided to prepare the full Comp Plan thoughtfully and allowing it to clearly represent the City's vision.

The Partial Plan Update is available on the City's Web site and it is also available for review at City Hall.

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