Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Milton Bans All Burning

September 30, 2008 The City of Milton has issued a city-wide outdoor burn ban, effective immediately.Milton Fire Marshal Melissa Henderson issued the ban in response to the continuing drought and reduced water supply levels. Under terms of the ban, Milton residents must refrain from all outdoor burning, including open campfires and fires built for the burning of debris, until further notice. This ban will remain in effect until conditions improve and the Fire Marshal rescinds the order."It's important to remember that we're still experiencing a drought, which brings increased fire hazards," said Henderson. "I encourage every citizen to abide by this ban in an effort to prevent unnecessary water usage and fire hazards."

Exempted from the ban are the following:Training fires conducted under the direct control and supervision of qualified instructors at a training facility operated by a fire department or government entity.Fires for commercial outdoor cooking, and cooking for fairs and festivals. A water source capable of extinguishing the fire must be present, as well as an approved fire extinguisher.Liquid-fueled gas fire stoves, grills or lanterns.

To report burning violations, call Alpharetta/Milton Dispatch (non-emergency) at 678-297-6300.For additional information or if you have any questions, contact Melissa Henderson, City of Milton Fire Marshal, at 404-242-2500.

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Anonymous said...

That's just great. I had my pile all built just waiting for the ban to lift and now I'll end up getting fined for violating the "no brush piles" ordinance!!!

Thanks for the warning!!!