Monday, October 13, 2008

Milton News From Julie Zahner Bailey - Council Person

Dear Milton Neighbors, Friends and Citizens -

I hope this newsletter finds you and your family well and enjoying this lovely time of year. This release includes:

Information regarding a Town Hall meeting hosted by Council members D'Aversa and Tart on Thursday, October 16th at 6:00 P.M. at City Hall. I encourage you to join me at this meeting which will provide an informal opportunity to ask questions and provide comments regarding particular concerns focused on the areas of District 5 and 6 including Highway 9. A special thanks to Council members D'Aversa and Tart for hosting this community exchange.

A quick summary of the results of our last Mayor and Council meeting on October 6th,
Highlights of a proclamation regarding two outstanding youth in our community - Zack and Thomas Eller -

An update on the Milton Grows Green (MGG) Committeeregarding MGG becoming an official committee of the City of Milton, and A listing of other upcoming meetings of interest.Please scroll down for details on each of these items.As always, one of my goals is to keep you informed and up to date on issues and opportunities facing our wonderful Milton community.Thank you for the opportunity to represent your interests and those of your family.

All my best - Julie Zahner Bailey

Town Hall Meeting at City Hall Thursday, October 16, 6:00 P.M.

Discussion re: District's 5 & 6 including Hwy. 9

I am pleased to invite you to attend a community discussion hosted by Council Member Tina D'Aversa and Council Member Alan Tart on Thursday, October 16 at 6:00 P.M. at City Hall. As you know each council member represents the entire City of Milton. Council member D'Aversa and Tart feel it is important to address some specific issues and concerns they are hearing from residents living in Districts 5 and 6. All residents are welcome to attend the discussion. I encourage you to join me at this meeting as every area of Milton has an impact on the whole of our collective community. Council members have received invitations to attend Homeowners Association Meetings in District 5 and District 6. In most instances, members of our city team should also attend these meetings to address questions and concerns. Therefore, a meeting centralized at City Hall on October 16 will allow citizens to join the city team for an informational discussion. The city staff representing Parks and Recreation, Public Works, Community Development, Public Safety and Finance will be on hand to discuss current matters and answer frequently asked questions. Topics for discussion will include but are not limited to:

Fulton County Property Tax Explanations
Crime Prevention
Community Planning for Highway 9
Traffic Management
Noise Control
Land use and zoning
Parks Plans

Please bring your questions and comments and join the team for this needed discussion. It is vital to the future of Milton that residents get involved and voice their opinions regarding important issues. You may feel free to forward this email to your neighbors. We hope to see you at this community gathering and look forward to a thoughtful discussion. Milton City Hall is located at 13000 Deerfield Parkway.

Results from October 6th Mayor & City Council Meeting

4-3 Vote to Approve Sewer extension despite No IGA with Fulton County
On Monday, October 6th, at the regularly scheduled Council meeting there was an agenda item related to the issue of sewer extension to certain properties in Crabapple and on Webb Road. Based on the 4-3 vote to approve the agenda item, it now provides sewer service approval to multiple properties despite there not being an approved IGA with Fulton County.

The specific agenda item #08-687, "Authorize the issuance of permits (LDP, building, CO, etc.) to those parcels reflected within the sewer delivery area map approved by City Council on September 15, 2008 as long as the applicant provides an approved sewer permit from Fulton County" was approved 4-3 with Mayor Lockwood, Karen Thurman, Bill Lusk and Burt Hewitt voting for the motion to approve sewer extension and Council members Tina D'Aversa, Julie Zahner Bailey and Alan Tart voting not to extend sewer to these parcels without an approved IGA.

The approval of this agenda item basically circumvented the need for an approved IGA with Fulton County thereby allowing sewer extension to certain properties as a follow-up to the September 15th vote to extend sewer to certain properties.

Milton Grows Green (MGG) Recognized as an Official City of Milton Committee

On Monday, October 6, 2008, Milton City Council unanimously approved a resolution recognizing the Milton Grows Green (MGG) Committee as an official city committee. Established with a Governing Board consisting of 13 volunteer citizens from across all districts and business partners, MGG will assist the city in identifying and implementing a variety of environmental activities. These include identifying and encouraging greener building practices, protecting natural resources, raising awareness through education, working towards a green designation for Milton and pursuing grants in coordination with other city and community initiatives. Milton Grows Green's mission is "advocating responsibly managed growth by conserving and protecting resources, while preserving Milton's heritage and natural landscape for future generations." Councilwoman Julie Zahner Bailey, who presented the resolution, initiated the idea of Milton "going green" in September 2007, and interested volunteers began meeting early this year, culminating in a variety of activities and specific projects.The projects already started by MGG include assuming coordination of the Adopt-A-Stream and Adopt-A-Road programs, assisting with the annual Rivers Alive Cleanup,and marking storm water drains throughout the city to help meet state requirements regarding water pollution reduction. The committee is also coordinating the implementation of a pilot recycling program at Bell Memorial Park and City Hall. MGG plans to roll out environmental education-related programs at local schools in Milton. The first pilot program is in progress at Hopewell Middle School. The committee is co-chaired by Milton residents Melissa Estes, Jack Lindon and Jon McPhail. Everyone interested in the committee's activities or in environmental issues is encouraged to contact MGG through Please use this link to read a recent article regarding the Milton Grows Green (MGG) Committee from the 9/25/08 Milton Herald.


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The council member who puts out the MOST "News From ......" is not the winner in this game of Milton council.

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.....she wins at the polls.....where it counts.

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Yeah right! Like she would win today! HA

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Yes she would still win today even though she drives people to drink heavily in her presence.

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Ah yes, world class political skills trapped in such a small community.

Until JZB is exposed for the fraud she is, everyone in Milton will continue to pay hundreds of thousands in legal fees, turnover, lawsuits and overhead.

But, for now a hat tip for pretending to do so much with so little for so long.

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Insert shrill feminist koolaid drinking supportive comment here:

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She has good intentions, but she just goes way too far in her pursuit of her goals.

This is the reason that she has lost so much support lately. If she says the sky is blue if forces people to want to believe its red just because she is so annoying.

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Did Julie say the sky was Blue? What a liar, everyone knows the sky is tangerine.

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Believe the last post was from blah blah.

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On a happier nite, I hope Julie and Alan can put together a nice ceremony to return the favor to Tina, to add a little excitement to her campaign. Maybe they could designate the entire first quarter of 2009 "Late-life Education Career Change Diva Award".
They could even rope the mayor in to help, then slime him on the day of the "presentation ceremony and family fair".
No, Alan, JZB and Tina would never do something so deceitful..

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Will there be any "skinny dipping" going on?