Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gravel Reconstruction

For this project the Public Works Department will be replacing driveway pipes and under-road pipes as well as applying a dust abatement treatment. They will also add gravel to each road, minimizing drainage issues.

Lastly, the first 100 feet of each gravel road will be paved allowing a smooth transition from nearby paved roads.

Portions of the following four roads are scheduled to be reconstructed as needed:

1. Nix Road from Birmingham Hwy to Freemanville Road, 0.92 miles.
2. Summit Road from Cowart Road to Freemanville Road, 0.82 miles.
3. Cowart Road from Providence Road to Freemanville Road 0.07 miles.
4. Brittle Road from Bethany Road to Redd Road, 0.78 miles.

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