Monday, September 30, 2013

Liberty's Law Petition at 1,096 Supporters & Growing...

By Tim Enloe;

Liberty's Law, the proposed ordinance to enhance and enforce laws to protect horses from abuse and harassment, now has over 1,096 signatures on the online petition with support growing daily.

Equestrian groups such as and also house a "Liberty's Law"banner and link on their home pages. We are now campaigning to horse farms throughout the state to do the same in addition to more marketing in the near future. 

Liberty's Law is not just about one horse in Milton GA that has suffered ongoing abuse and harassment by local youths. It is about Misty out of Fayetteville GA who was shot four times with a bow and arrow. It is about Rocks and Lucky out of Hall County; both shot by a high powered rifle; leaving Lucky being the only one breathing. Finally, it is about a horse who died on July 6th of this year on Dorris Road in Milton GA after being spooked by fireworks shot from a neighboring property. 

Horses are loving beings that simply want to be left alone. However, cowards throughout the country find some warped since of pleasure by bothering an animal that hold no threat to them at all.

To date, The City of Milton GA, who sports numerous pictures and logos of horses throughout, continues to turn their backs on allowing Liberty's Law to even be presented, much less supported, in a public forum. Why?

Please share the word about Liberty's Law and help us make a difference.

Together, we can protect the beautiful horses from abuse and harassment!

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