Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Large credits councilmembers for success.

Caroyln Asperson; The Milton Herald

September 08, 2013

MILTON, Ga. — City Councilmember Lance Large won't take any individual credit for his impact on Milton during his time on council, but other councilmembers say otherwise.

He's leaving his post to move to Virginia with his wife, where their primary business is located.

Councilmember Matt Kunz said Large believed in the talents of Milton citizens and wanted to see entrepreneurs be successful. He put in a lot of initial effort and worked with the Milton Business Alliance to start an economic development department within the city and that resulted in the hiring of Bill O'Connor as economic development coordinator.

Large said the council worked together to structure a smart economic development plan for the city.

"Yes, it was important to me, but it's not something I did on my own," Large said. "The city is as successful as it is today because of everyone, and my efforts are just a small portion of a collection of efforts to make Milton such a wonderful place to live."

Large based his campaign on building a strong economic foundation for the city and creating more green space, both of which are part of Milton's current strategy.

"Lance was instrumental in smart business development for Milton along with the infrastructure of the city itself," said Mayor Joe Lockwood.

Lockwood also said Large worked tirelessly to find solutions for creating green space throughout Milton.

Councilmember Bill Lusk, who nicknamed Large "Gramps," said his professional experience as a civil engineer and insight was a great asset to the city.

"He will be missed on both a personal and professional level," Lusk said.

Large leaves his post later this year, but not before the Crabapple Fest scheduled for Oct. 4 and 5.

"This is going to be a great fest," he said.

Large worked hard to expand the festival throughout the Crabapple area and make it more of a family event.

"The joining of the two festivals along with the ability to sell alcohol will make the event something for residents to enjoy for years to come," Large said.

"Living and working for the city of Milton has been a wonderful experience," Large said. "I truly believe, as does my wife, this is the best place to live."

Large offered this bit of advice to Rick Morhig, who will take his seat on council.

"Keep things in perspective, but be firm in your conviction," Large said. "Don't try to be a crusader, and work as a team member."

Large said he believes Morhig will do great work in the community.

"I think Rick would be successful as a councilmember based on his work experience and his love for the city," Large said.

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