Monday, September 30, 2013

Dear Mayor & Council...

I am writing you in regards to damage that happened to our fencing early in the morning this past Friday, Sept 27, 2013. As you can see in the photos, this individual lost control of his vehicle as they headed south bound, grazed one of our pines,and took out over 50 feet of fencing in the process. 

As is the unfortunate norm, the guilty party left the scene of the accident in a late model Blue Honda (thanks for the parts, Mr. Offender!)  Thankfully, this individual did not lose their life. 
We did call the Milton Police when we noticed it the following day and he was very professional and helpful.

As I have requested since before the city incorporated in 2006, more must be done to address the severe speeding and lack of respect for these open road neighborhood zones. Such residents should have the same opportunity for a safe, quiet, litter free environment as any subdivision resident. 

Within the last ten years on Bethany Road alone, there have been mailboxes and fencing damaged on a regular basis, two fatalities, as well as dangerous speeding and trash daily. Noise pollution is also a constant.

It has been said that leaders lead. It is my hope that this particular email doesn't fall on deaf ears this time around and that the City of Milton GA works with open road residents not only to lower all open road neighborhood speeds to 35 as Alpharetta has, but also works to create an awareness and enforcement campaign that Freemanville, Bethany, Hopewell, Providence, and other open road neighborhoods are residential zones as well. I am confident that working together, we can make a positive impact while saving lives. 


Tim Enloe 
770 653 0552


Anonymous said...

I agree totally! Thompson Road (where I live) is a race zone as well. I've clocked people going 70 MPH, yet rarely do I see anyone getting a ticket. 45 MPH is a license for people to go 55 and 60, so maybe 35 will get people down to a reasonable speed. PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

Agree, agree. The speeding on these roads is dangerous yet nothing is being done to bring this to a halt. Tim is right, the speed limit needs to be 35 mph for Hopewell, Providence Rd., Bethany Rd. Freemanville and others.

Why does Dorris Rd. post a 35 mph speed limit where the mayor lives??
Dorris Rd. does not have the volume of vehicles as the above.

Yes, mayor and council needs to respond and act. What is the purpose of having a mayor and council if they do not address and rectify dangerous situations? All residents on these roads need protection. We have children too!

Anonymous said...

Dorris Rd is where the mayor lives, that is why it's a posted 35 mph. You had the opportunity to run for mayor but you chose not to. Now you can blame no one but yourself for all the speeding on your road!

Anonymous said...

Do you really think the fact that the mayor lives on a road has any bearing over the speed limit? Get real and learn a thing or two about speed limit laws and enforcement in Georgia some time.

Anonymous said...

Why is Dorris Road posted 35 mph? Why does the mayor need to be protected more than our young people who are dying on these major roads?

The two comments prior are foolish. Do either of you know what it is to lose a child? I do.

Anonymous said...


Bethany Road did have a posted 35 mph speed limit prior to city manager telling residents on this road that there would be a "temporary" change to 40 mph. Yeah, Right!!!

Anonymous said...

The speed limits are set where they are because Roddy Motes with the city is a weakling and is afraid that the folks in Rome with the state won't approve the city's radar permit for these roads if the limits are lowered. It certainly doesn't hurt to ask, but hey, why bother.