Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Milton just shy of Community Wildlife Habitat status.

Cambridge High School junior and Girl Scout Sarah Ellison wants you to know the City of Milton is close to being certified as a National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Habitat Community - and she needs your help.

In order to attain her Gold Award - equivalent to the Boy Scout Eagle project - Ellison has taken over Milton's year-long effort to attain "Community Wildlife Habitat" status.

She and Milton volunteers are launching a contest where any yard registered with the NWF before July 20 will be entered into a drawing for a $100 cast-metal sign signifying the certification. An additional sign contest will be held for local businesses, places of worship and homeowners' associations (HOA) that certify common areas.

Registration is simple and online at

All you need are three sources of food (nuts, fruits, berries or bird feeders), one water source (birdbath or pond), two places for cover (woods, trees, dense shrubs or a log pile) and two places to raise young (birdhouse or trees).

"It is an easy way to help Milton become a greener community and beautifies any space," said Ellison. "Help us by helping your own home, business, neighborhood and community."

This distinctive certification would make the City of Milton just the fourth city in Georgia to become a National Wildlife Federation Community Habitat. For more information, contact Ellison at or visit the Milton Community Wildlife Habitat Project Committee's Web site.

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