Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A Proud Moment For

Meet Bo Quintana; A New Writer On!

By Tim Enloe; was created to allow citizens to have a say on the goings on not only in what is now known as Milton Georgia, but also in other arenas.

We have always been an open door for the younger demographic; from working with teens at the local farmer's market to having these young minds become an intregal part of the most recent Milton People's Forum to helping to save lives at the Road to Safety Program.

With that in mind, we are proud to welcome Mr. Bo Quintana as a new writer on Bo, the floor is yours...

Newspapers, digital or hard copied, don’t joke around.

In an environment where people have to spit out articles, schedule dozens of interviews and plaster together 40 pages of pure information by sundown, you don’t have time for anyone who could pose a distraction or an inconvenience; anyone who doesn’t have enough experience to work with the big boys; anyone who might be too undeniably green to work in the business of journalism.

So let me introduce myself: I’m Bo, the 13-year-old.

I have no idea whatsoever how I received the opportunity to write this column. All I know is that I’m happy to have it. But the fact that I did get it is nothing short of amazing. I adore writing. My father is an editor. My mother reads a lot, so that counts for something. So saying that I might come from a family that loves to read and write is more than true.

And now I have a column. And I, Bo, the 13-year-old, want this column to be about stuff. Cool stuff.

Stuff that would make a little kid nearly explode with rainbows, fireworks and other things generally associated with glee and joy.I’m going to write a column about how cool stuff works, and about how cool the people are who make the cool stuff work. I’m going to write a column about stuff that should be made for the benefit of society and the earth itself. And I’m going to write a column about anything that is shiny.

Because things that make people everywhere explode with blissful excitement, things that make the world and its people better than they originally were, things that are shiny, that do such cool and great things, deserve to be recognized.

What’s that? You’ve already made something cool? That’s cool too. Maybe I’ll write about you.To give you an example, here’s the type of thing that would make a great article:

Penguins with jet packs.

Penguins are small flightless waterfowl that live in the Antarctic. They enjoy fish, bowties, and tap-dancing (references: Happy Feet, Happy Feet 2, Mary Poppins).

A jet pack is a form of transportation through the open sky. Using standard rocket fuel, the jet pack is expensive and nearly impossible to control. Nearly.

Penguins, as shown in the popular animated Dreamworks film, are very good at learning complex arrangements of instructions and memorization, such as flash mobs.

A jet pack is probably just as easy as coordinating a flash mob.

But you might ask, “What will this do to help benefit the earth and its habitants? Will it make my child’s head explode into a large mess of rainbows and glitter? Will it be shiny?”

And my answer is yes to all three. Except for the latter two.

Penguins flying around on jet packs will eliminate hostilities between countries, religions, and races.


Say that these particular penguins are on a mission to resolve the North Korean-South Korean conflict.

Scientists from the CIA or NASA or somewhere train these superpenguins how to fly around with notes taped to their cute little feathery bellies. These belly notes can say stuff that apologizes for past mistakes, guaranteeing future friendships, and comes with a free superjetpackpenguin.

North Korea can send a superpenguin to South Korea with this note:

"Hi there!

Sorry for everything we’ve ever done to your country. Won’t happen again.
Here’s a penguin whose purpose is to fly around flawlessly with futuristic technology.


North Korea"

Now even though the two cultures/countries/races/religions have hated each other for decades, centuries, millennia, etc., it’s very hard to turn down a penguin with a jet pack.

This doesn’t just have to work with penguins, though. Giraffes, raccoons, koalas … slap a jet pack on each and every one of them.  All of the sudden, you’ll go to once poverty-stricken lands and see multitudes of superanimals chillin’ out with their jet packs.

Also, jobs could be created to help train the superanimals.Jet pack factories will skyrocket with sales.
And war debts will diminish with extended production of these peace-making critters.

Downsides? They could crash. But other than that, there really isn’t one.

So go out there Milton.

Go out and make the world some superpenguins.




Anonymous said...

What a wonderful addition Bo's column will be to Access Milton!

Anonymous said...

Bo is an amazing talent. Not only is he an amazing clarinet player but an equally talented journalist. I can't wait to read all his posts.
Fran Shoenthal

Anonymous said...

Are you sure he's only 13? I think I'm going to enjoy his work. Great find for accessmilton!

Ni Jay said...

Bo. This is...........AWESOME!Now I have to go make something cool....

Anonymous said...

Bo, Your first column is a work of art. How are you going to keep up with yourself? You have set a fine example of writing that I doubt many adults could equal. I am a fan!