Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hopewell House to become home to senior activity center.

Courtesy by Carolyn Aspenson; The Milton Herald

June 24, 2013

MILTON, Ga. — The Milton Historic Preservation Commission plans to designate the Hopewell House as a historic landmark.

The vacant house, owned by the city of Milton and located at 15690 Hopewell Road in Milton, is one of the oldest fully intact structures in the Atlanta area.

A joint public hearing between the Milton Historic Preservation Commission and city staff was held May 20 and the consideration was presented to Milton City Council during their regular meeting held June 17.

A vote on whether to designate the home a local historic landmark is scheduled for the July 1 council meeting.

The city plans to use the home as a senior activity center and a possible revenue-producing event venue.

North Fulton Senior Services will run the senior portion of the facility.

Travis Allen of the Historical Preservation Commission said the exact construction date of the home isn't known, but they believe it was built sometime in the 1840s and the commission would like to preserve as much of the home's integrity as possible.

"There are additions to the home from other years and we've got to determine what parts of those, if any, would fall under any requirements from a historical preservation perspective also," Allen said.

Allen said due to the structure of the home, it's likely the senior activity center will be limited to the first floor only.

"We haven't yet determined if ramps are feasible or if they will maintain the integrity of the historical aspects of the home," he said.

Community Development Director Kathleen Field said the city has allocated funding for changes to the Hopewell House and a design firm was brought in to develop a plan.

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Anonymous said...

Here we go again. This city loves to waste money! Thank goodness it's election time.