Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Meetings address development of Arnold Mill Road.

Atlanta Regional Commission planner Jon Tuley illustrates the problem areas of Arnold Mill Road.

Courtesy by Jessa Pease; The Milton Herald

June 10, 2013

MILTON, Ga. — The city of Milton held a series of informal meetings June 5 and 6 to discuss the congestion issues with Arnold Mill Road and to get citizens' input for future development.

Milton and the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) asked if new development happened, how would people want it to look and function.

Widening Arnold Mill Road to four lanes, developing smaller commercial businesses versus strip malls and finding alternate routes for local traffic were all discussed.

"The widening project is something that is fluid. The whole thing is probably farther out in the future than what is officially on the books," said Andrew Smith, planner of community development with Atlanta Regional Commission. "What we have heard from a lot of folks is it's not a place that is planned for a lot of strip-commercial center development because there is plenty of that already just down the street."

Smith said they wanted to find a balance between the new development and preserving the area, so the conservation subdivision with smaller homes and cottages seemed to be preferred by citizens.

Grace McVey of Sweet Apple said she definitely thought something needed to be done about the traffic congestion.

"I think some of the people who have been here forever don't want any change," McVey said. "But when we are coming this way, the traffic is just horrendous."

Smith said widening Arnold Mill Road will happen eventually in some way, shape or form and that the final designs are up in the air.

"Milton can say leave some right of way for us to put a road through for local traffic," Smith said. "Then there would be other roads that were alternates for you to use."

Once the city of Milton and the Atlanta Regional Commission complete their meetings with the community, they will draft reports and recommendations and then meet with citizens again in a few months for feedback.

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