Wednesday, March 28, 2012

'Liberty's Law' Gaining Traction Locally & Abroad.


Support for "Liberty's Law" a proposed Milton Georgia ordinance which would protect horses and other animals against abuse and harrassment, is growing quickly.

Advocates are coming in from North Fulton as well as other areas of the country and over seas. With over 270 "friends" on Facebook and 125 signatures on "Liberty's Law"'s Gopetition thus far, momentum is increasing daily.

"Liberty's Law" has spawned from the torment of a thirty year old mare named "Liberty" by local youths. Within the last seven years, she has been shot with paint balls, fireworks have been shot into her pastures and above her, and the same offenders have been caught on video yelling at her trying to scare her and intentinally directing noise in her direction. The end result is a horse that now refuses to graze without supervision and spends the majority of her time standing on a back patio or within a carport.

Even with eye witnesses, video, and physical evidence, Milton authorities claim there is no evidence and have done nothing to the offenders.

Some supporters are quite upset about Liberty's dilemma. After Alexandra Ward of Roswell signed the petition in support, she had these comments to share on the petition; "This makes my blood boil!!The police must enforce all of the laws not just the ones they personally feel are worthwhile. What does this say about Milton with police who do nothing to protect their weakest denizens and citizenry who think it's fun to scare the hell out of animals? Not a place I'd want to live in & not a place I'd want to visit. This town needs to ditch the horse emblem and go with dollar signs or a brick, something without a soul or emotions that accurately reflects Milton."

We encourage you to get involved and support "Liberty's Law".

No horse or any other animal should have to endure what Liberty has.


Anonymous said...

you should post the video of the kids yelling at her

Anonymous said...

why bother doing that, just drive over and hear it live. I think this entire time Tim's been thinking he's hearing noise from MHS when it's been across the street, go figure.