Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The ‘chicken man' of Roswell: A timeline.


February 2009 -- Roswell Code Enforcement officers cite Andrew Wordes for violating the city's ban on raising livestock by having close to a dozen chickens on his nearly 1-acre property.

March 2009 -- Former Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes joins the fray by agreeing to represent Wordes in municipal court.

May 2009 -- Municipal Judge Maurice Hilliard dismisses the case against Wordes after Barnes argues that the city code relating to livestock is too vague.

December 2009 -- The City Council approves a new ordinance that bans roosters and uses lot size to determine how many chickens a resident can keep.

July 2011 -- Wordes tells police that someone broke into his home, accessed his pens and poisoned his poultry. About 30 of approximately 100 chickens and turkeys die. Lab tests are inconclusive.

August 2011 -- Wordes is ordered to spend three months in jail after Municipal Judge Maurice Hilliard finds him guilty of probation violation. Wordes had been granted probation for having too many vehicles on his property and for grading backfill without a permit.

February 2012 -- Wordes receives word that he is to be evicted from his home for failure to pay his mortgage. He tells The Atlanta Journal-Constitution he doesn't see a "happy ending" to the matter.

March 26, 2012 -- Marshals arrive at Wordes' home to serve eviction papers. Wordes responds with threats, and an explosion follows, destroying the house. A body is found but has not yet been identified.

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The funeral for Andrew Wordes will be Friday 10:30 at Milton Fields Green Cemetery 1150 Birmingham Road Milton, Georgia 30004