Thursday, March 08, 2012

Al-Anon Family Groups.

AM NOTE: Many thanks to "German Shepherd fan" for bringing this group to readers attention.

How do you know if you have been affected by someone's problem drinking?

In Al-Anon, members do not give direction or advice to other members. Instead, they share their personal experiences and stories, and invite other members to “take what they like and leave the rest”—that is, to determine for themselves what lesson they could apply to their own lives.

The best place to learn how Al-Anon works is at an Al-Anon meeting in your local community. Personal contact is an important element in the healing process. These Web page selections may give you some encouragement to visit your first meeting.

Newcomers to Al-Anon are often interested in learning from members whose personal situations most closely resemble theirs. After attending Al Anon meetings, they begin to understand how much they have in common with everyone affected by someone else’s drinking, regardless of the specific details of their personal situation.

To find out more about Al-Anon, please click here.

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