Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Vultures, the feathery kind, circle Milton City Hall

By DOUG NURSE The Atlanta Journal-Constitution /

A bird known for picking at carcasses has shown up this month at Milton City Hall. Vultures have suddenly appeared atop the center of government in a community known for political brawls and campaign bloodbaths.

Two to four of the feathery scavengers were sighted last week lurking outside the community development office, the city clerk's office and the city manager's office.

Mayor Joe Lockwood said not to worry, it's not an omen . . . he hopes."I'm not taking it that way," he said. "Hopefully, they're not going to find anything, and they'll move on."
The buzzards appeared at City Hall just in time for the swearing in of two new city council members. Maybe they were drawn by the political passing of the two incumbents or the Monday start of the legislative session.

"It opens up a plethora of theories and hypotheses — all of which could be plausible," said City Councilman Bill Lusk.The birds sometimes have peered into the windows of City Hall, in one case even tapping on the glass. Office workers think they might be attacking their reflections in the glass. "I think it's Morse code," Lusk said. "I think there's a message they're trying to send. Animals often foretell changes in the weather and natural occurrences, such as storms and earthquakes."

A staff member with a bird book tentatively identified the avian visitors as black vultures.
According to the Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds, black vultures are rather aggressive and prey on weak, sick and unprotected young birds and mammals.
Another theory is that they're juveniles who have just been kicked out of the nest.
Acting City Manager Chris Lagerbloom said if the buzzards are anticipating the demise of the city of Milton or any of its workers, they're out of luck.
"The health of the city is good," he said. "And we're not planning any staff changes. I don't think they're going to find anything they need to clean up."


Anonymous said...

Now THIS is funny!!!

Anonymous said...

A good laugh this morning!

Anonymous said...

How embarrasing for the elected officials and city staff with Bill Lusk's comments? Pretty typical comming from him, what an unhappy, miserable person he must be.

Anonymous said...

"It opens up a plethora of theories and hypotheses — all of which could be plausible," said City Councilman Bill Lusk.
I just love it!!! Show those true colors Billy boy! You are only helping yourself right out the door come election day :)

Anonymous said...

What a pitiful old man? He has really shown his true colors.

Anonymous said...

Is this all Doug could dig up that day?

Anonymous said...

it is always amusing to read "early morning anonymous" after he forgets his Thorazine and rails at the world....even funnier than the vulture story! Rock On!!