Sunday, January 06, 2008

Second Crabapple Crossroads Community Plan Update Meeting

Community Development contact:
Mike Tuller
678-242-2538 O

Media contact:
Lisa Maggart
678-242-2492 O 404-414-3301 C

Scheduled for January 14 at City Hall

Note: Date and Location Change

MILTON, Ga., January 4, 2007 --The City of Milton will hold its second meeting to discuss updating the Crabapple Crossroads Community Plan on Monday, January 14. The meeting, which will be held at City Hall at 13000 Deerfield Parkway in Milton, will run from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The Public is invited to attend.

Please note this is a change from the previously scheduled meeting date and location.

The January 14th meeting is intended to provide an opportunity for citizens to meet with the consultants preparing the City of Milton's Comprehensive Plan and to help consider potential recommendations regarding the City's review of development requests within the area affected by the Crabapple Crossroads Community Plan during the period when the Comprehensive Plan is being prepared.

If you would like to further orient yourself to the Crabapple Crossroads Plan as adopted by Fulton County and the City of Milton, visit the City of Milton's website at go to the "Comprehensive Plan" section.

Additional Background:

In March 2004, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners adopted an amendment to the County's zoning resolution to create the Crabapple Crossroads Overlay within the Northwest Fulton Overlay District to delineate approximately 511 acres containing the historic mixed-use center of Crabapple and the land surrounding it, and to establish standards for the Crabapple Crossroads Overlay area. The Northwest Fulton Overlay Design Review Board was given the responsibility for reviewing development plans and making recommendations regarding the approval of a Land Disturbance Permit, Building Permit, Sign Permit, or Primary Variance in the Overlay area. The Commission adopted the Crabapple Crossroads Plan of June 4, 2003 as the basis for regulating development in such a way that it would be consistent with Crabapple's historic and rural village character, preserve 20% of the area as open space, and create an interconnected transportation network to implement a pedestrian-oriented core with surrounding residential uses.

Since the adoption of the Overlay District, the Crabapple Crossroads Community has seen significant changes, including the incorporation of the City of Milton, the construction of the new Milton High School, and substantial development in the southwest quadrant of the community. To the northwest, a large expanse of property has been cleared, followed by the construction of roads and infrastructure for a mixture of commercial, office and residential land uses. South of the schools, property owners are poised to develop the remaining large tracts. How can the Overlay District manage growth effectively to preserve the intent of the Community Plan?

The City of Milton has inherited the Crabapple Crossroads Overlay District and the Overlay Design Review Board, and is committed to addressing these issues by updating the Community Plan as part of the City's Comprehensive Plan process. Due to the immediate interest in the Crabapple Crossroads Community Plan, an interim update of the Community Plan is being prepared during the initial stage of the Comprehensive Plan process to provide guidelines for the City of Milton to make decisions until the full comprehensive plan is completed in June 2008.

The Marietta office of BRPH, Inc., a full service planning and design firm, is providing services to update both plans.

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