Tuesday, January 08, 2008

January Poll Up.

A new poll has been added in our AM news section. This months poll asks:

Do You Believe The 45 MPH Speed Limits In Our Open Road Neighborhoods are Being Enforced On A Regular Basis?


Anonymous said...

HA! not on my road! Most of the force is spent over on deerfield monitoring their speed.
We all pay taxes so how about a little love in the rest of the city?

Anonymous said...

How about patrolling Freemanville and Birmingham Hwy. in the early mornings when the communters are speeding down both roads trying to beat the traffic crunch, 7 am - 8 am. Or around 6-7 pm as well. Not easy to exit your home, when people are driving in excess of 60 mph.

Easy money there for the City.

Anonymous said...'ve got to be kidding.

Anonymous said...

With the opening of the new facility on Providence I bet we see more officer / citizen interaction on the side of the road.
Get the ticket books ready boys your about to have a field day!