Saturday, January 19, 2008


Citizens need to weigh in on a sewer issue that could impact areas of Cherokee County and Milton around its northern rural borders. This will take only 5 minutes of your time to read and complete.PLEASE E-MAIL EPD TONIGHT BY MIDNIGHT, if at all possible!!!I apologize for the late notice but I just found out about this critical information. It's timely given the January 17, 2008 City of Milton Work Session that included a discussion of our own no sewer policies. I'll send a separate release specifically about that later. But given the immediate need to contact EPD in support of our Cherokee neighbors, let's focus on this first.What happens in NE Cherokee County will have a direct impact on rural Milton.Cherokee County Water and Sewerage Authority (CCWSA) is requesting a permit from the Environmental Protection Division (EPD) to add a wastewater treatment plant in NE Cherokee. If approved this could potentially bring sewer to our backdoor. In addition to the risk of sewer is the risk of high density development that will drive up traffic counts, increase storm water run-off and negatively impact our already impaired waterways within the COOSA basin. This is a perfect example of where we need to be aware and involved in what happens at our borders to ensure this unique region maintains its rural character. Many in Cherokee County believe that the introduction of sewer in rural areas may be detrimental to the infrastructure and to their way of life and do not want it brought to the northeastern area of Cherokee. They are asking us to appeal to EPD for a public hearing. Please read the sample letter provided; copy in whole or part or draft your own letter and send to the addresses listed on the sample. This should be done by midnight tonight, if at all possible, as the public comment period ends at that time. Even if you miss the deadline please still send it as your voice still matters.NOTE: I'm sending this to you from my personal e-mail address and not from the City of Milton. The views expressed are my own and, due to the last minute notice, this has not yet been a topic at council meetings. Sewer extension has long been a concern of mine as a steward of Milton and I want to keep you informed of issues that impact us within and outside our city borders.

Thank you!

Julie Zahner Bailey

Milton City Council
255 Hickory Flat Road
Milton, GA 30004
770-664-5529 (h)
404-310-6344 (c)


Marzieh Shahbazaz,
Director of Permitting, Compliance and Enforcement
Environmental Protection Division
4220 International Parkway, Suite 101
Atlanta, Georgia 30354
Re: NPDES Permit No. GA0038989

Dear Ms. Shahbazaz,

I live in the City of Milton and may be negatively impacted by the possible addition of a wastewater treatment facility in the northeastern part of Cherokee County which borders our community. Where Milton adjoins Cherokee it is primarily rural-residential and considers itself part of the same rural region as NE Cherokee. Not only do we share rural borders we also are part of the same endangered COOSA basin. Milton has a long-standing policy regarding no sewer extensions and no inter-basin transfers. Residents are concerned about the effects of neighboring counties bringing sewer and its resulting high density to the region, which may increase storm water run-off and negatively impact our already fragile waterways. As many citizens in Cherokee and Milton are concerned about this sewer plant, I believe a public hearing is needed. In addition to the negative impacts to our land-use plan, consideration should be given to the 13 incidents of sewerage spills in 2006 reported by Cherokee County Water and Sewer Authority (CCWSA) that resulted in 186,000 gallons of raw sewerage into these local waterways. The introduction of sewer to this area would bring with it more homes, more rooftops, more people, more water usage, more storm water run-off and more negative impacts to bodies of water already in violation of the Federal Clean Water Act, specifically the Etowah River and Lake Allatoona.Thank you for considering a public hearing for concerned citizens to express their views. Please notify me of the date and time of any scheduled hearing.



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