Monday, April 14, 2014

Dozens cited at teen party in Milton.

Courtesy The Milton Herald

Police break up large party

April 06, 2014

MILTON, Ga. – A large teen party March 30 on Dorris Drive was broken up by Milton police, with 22 teenagers charged with underage drinking. Police estimate some 50 young people were at the party.

According to police, they received an anonymous call just after midnight of a large raucous party at private residence with alcohol involved.

When officers approached the suspect home, they noted empty beer cans, bottles and cases of beer within sight of windows. When police approached a basement door, they could see many partiers inside.

However when the teenagers saw police, they turned off the lights and ran out of the room. Then the homeowners came out.

Both homeowners initially claimed to know nothing of underage drinking in the home, but quickly changed that story. They said the party was supposed to be non-alcoholic, however people sneaked in the booze.

When the homeowners discovered this, they began to "control" it. They said they were being responsible by taking everyone's car keys and monitoring the alcohol consumption.

No one in the home could confirm who had supplied the alcohol.

Inside the home were dozens of teenagers ages 16 and 17. Outside police found two of the guests with a half-empty bottle of vodka.

Police summoned the parents of the 16-year-olds to take them home. The 17-year-olds were questioned and all allegedly admitted to drinking alcohol.

There were about 50 teenagers in the home at the height of the party, the homeowners said. A number left before police arrived.

The 17-year-olds were made to call their parents to pick them up and were issued citations for underage drinking. One girl and her guardian allegedly left the scene before police could issue her a citation and attempts to contact them to return failed.

According to the police report, many parents told the officers they were being "completely unreasonable" in their handling of the party. They complained about the length of time their children were detained and since the young people did not receive Breathalyzer tests there was no evidence for citations.

Milton police say they deal with parties - teenage or otherwise – routinely.

"They are handled like any other call," said police spokesman Shawn McCarty. "Officers are given discretion to take what [action] they feel is appropriate at the time."

McCarty said if teenagers are arrested at a party for underage drinking, they are issued a citation with a mandatory court appearance. It will be up to a judge to decide what punishment to hand out, if any. This can be a combination of fines, probation or community service.

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