Thursday, March 06, 2014

Yoga provider working with Cambridge football.

Courtesy City of Milton

Milton's yoga provider, Lift Yoga, is now helping the Cambridge High School Bears football team remain flexible and clear-minded through the ancient exercise.

"Our players do so much intensive lifting and muscle training that everything kind of tightens up," said Cambridge coach Craig Bennett. ""So we've made a decision to add yoga to improve flexibility, coordination and balance."

Kim Saunders, founder of Lift Yoga, said Bennett contacted her after studying the regiments of the Seattle Seahawks and Stanford Cardinals, both of which included yoga.

"This is not only a physical practice but a mental practice of quieting the mind, sometimes using imagery and visualization," said Saunders. "This is a technique used to enhance sports performance."

To learn more about Lift yoga's classes throughout the week at the Bethwell Community Center, click here. To see the Bears 2014 schedule, click here.

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