Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Horse Shot, Killed In Owner's Backyard.

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A Gwinnett County woman is heartbroken and angry after someone shot and killed her horse.Mary Lynn Whiten believes a neighbor is responsible for her horse’s death. The horse was found dead in her backyard on Kilgore Road in Buford.

She is offering a $500 reward for information in the shooting death of her quarter horse.

It’s painful for Whiten to open up her gate because inside the fenced yard lies Matias, her 8-year-old horse that was shot and killed.

“Yesterday, I heard the dogs barking. I came out on the deck and I heard the guy shoot the gun,” said Whiten. “I brought towels down trying to cut her bleeding back but she was dead.”

Whiten believes the bullet came from a neighbor’s gun. She said he target practices in the back wooded area often and Whiten told Channel 2 she has told him not to shoot so close to her 5-acre property.

"The Mall of Georgia is right over there. We're surrounded by all these people and houses, and they shot my horse,” said Whiten. “I could have been up there at the water tub, right around the area where she was shot. They could have shot me."

Gwinnett County Police spokeswoman Corporal Illana Spellman says the shooter could face animal cruelty charges.

Whiten has raised horses for more than 30 years. But after the shooting, she says she doesn't know whether she will try to replace the horse. And she says she's beginning to wonder whether she needs a bulletproof vest to work around her property.

She fears for the safety of her family, her goats, her dogs and one remaining horse, Hudson.

"My horse is dead because somebody shot her...I can't believe this,” she said.

The neighbor Whiten believe shot her horse was not home for comment. The case is being investigated by Gwinnett County police.

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