Monday, February 20, 2012

Support Liberty's Law.


Meet Liberty, a thirty year resident of Bethany Road.

Until about six years ago, Liberty would graze her pastures without worry. Today, she will not enjoy the lush green grass without a family member by her side. The reason? Liberty has been shot with paint balls, fireworks have been shot at her and thrown in her pasture, kids have screamed at her, and engines have been reved- all with the focus to scare her.

The City of Milton has clear evidence of the guilty party, but has done nothing.

Volunteers are currently working on an ordinance called "Liberty's Law" which would not only educate citizens of the proper behavior around horses and boardering properties but also to strengthen the current animal abuse laws on the books.

If you would like to be a part of this process, please email Tim Enloe at or call direct at 770 653 0552.


Anonymous said...

does the madness ever end

Anonymous said...

anyone ever consider that the horse is just old and doesnt feel like walking that far anymore

Anonymous said...

No, the horse is terrified of what has happend to her by neighbors for over four years. Animals react to the environment. Prior to these neighbors moving here, this horse grazed without fear. I have seen that horse many times following her owner into the front pastures. This animal has no problem walking. This is not madness, this is animal cruelty.