Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Need For Liberty's Law.


With the City Of Milton's official website covered with numerous photos and borrowed logos of horses, one would think that special ordinances would be in place to protect
these beautiful animals and their owners.

Unfortunately, that is not currently the case.

Liberty, the horse shown in the picture above, was born on a small seven acre farmette in 1981. She enjoyed life and loved people for many years. That all changed about six years ago. Since that time, this innocent arabian has been shot with paint balls, fireworks have been thrown and shot into her pastures, and she has been screamed at on a regular basis and engines revved- all with the focus of scaring and harrassing her.

Hard evidence was presented to certain council members as well as the Milton Police.
Nothing was done.

It is due to this and other situations regarding Milton's horses that the ordinance we are calling "Liberty's Law" is currently being crafted. If you would like to participate in putting this law together and submitting it to council, please contact Tim Enloe at or call direct at 770 653 0552.

It is time for the city to put action behind words.


Anonymous said...

It is all because the Newell's moved in. If they move all will be well.

Anonymous said...

Things will get better if you move at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Sounds more like the need for a neighbor intervention instead off a another new law. Is this a big issue for many others here? And if so, maybe include all te animals here and not just horses.

Anonymous said...

Not aware of other animals being harrassed and tormented. Attempts have been made to end this ongoing problem with those guilty. Some of the actions are criminal.