Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Poll Up - Old Poll Results.


We have new poll up. It asks:

Should students outside of the Milton school district be allowed to participate in school sports?

Have you say today.

Results from the previous poll about the possible change of the city's borrowed horse logo are listed in the image above.


Luap Nor said...

Uh, Tim, the only students from outside the Milton district who participate in sports are those students whose parents teach in the Milton district or those who play on teams other than Milton. There you go again, Tim, trying to restrict individual liberties once more. Seig heil.

Anonymous said...

Not so.

Anonymous said...

so what specifically is the issue? I know I read something about a basketball player who was establishing that the issue? Or are there kids who aren't even making an effort to look like they live here playing (other than teacher's kids...)

Anonymous said...

How many Milton High School students on MHS sports teams live in Fulton County let alone the school's district? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

Who really gives a rip. Remember most of us are above the law, which would include attendance rules for schools.

Anonymous said...

vote yes so Milton can continue to win in basketball.