Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 23 City Council meeting notice.

Monday, Jan. 23, 2012 Regular Council Meeting Agenda 6:00 p.m.

INVOCATION - Pastor Ollie Wagner, Alpharetta Presbyterian Church



2) PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE (Led by the Mayor)

3) APPROVAL OF MEETING AGENDA (Add or remove items from the agenda)

(Agenda Item No. 12-020)



1. Approval of the January 9, 2011 Regular Council Minutes.

(Agenda Item No. 12-021)

(Sudie Gordon, City Clerk)

2. Approval of Financial Statements for the Period Ending August, 2011.

(Agenda Item No. 12-022)

(Stacey Inglis, Finance Director)

3. Approval of Preliminary Financial Statements for the Period Ending September, 2011.

(Agenda Item No. 12-023)

(Stacey Inglis, Finance Director)

4. Approval of a Contract between Rick Pruetz, FAICP and The City of Milton for the Purpose of Providing Professional Planning Services for a Transfer of Development rights Feasibility Study.

(Agenda Item No. 12-024)

(Kathleen Field, Community Development Director)

5. Approval of a Hosted Application Services Agreement between Guardian Tracking, LLC and The City of Milton.

(Agenda Item No. 12-025)

(Deborah Harrell, Chief of Police)

6. Approval of a Professional Services Agreement between the City of Milton and Kittelson & Associates for Hopewell/Francis/Cogburn Roundabout Peer Review.

(Agenda Item No. 12-026)

(Carter Lucas, Public Works Director)


1. A Proclamation Recognizing Milton's Cuisine and Cocktails Being Named a Top 100 Restaurant.

(Presented by Mayor Joe Lockwood)

2. A Proclamation Naming February "Have A Heart for North Fulton Community Charities".

(Presented by Mayor Joe Lockwood)




1. ZM11-03 - 12792 Donegal Lane (Lot #39) Vickery Crest Subdivision - Gerald E. Hudgins requests to modify Condition 3.a. of RZ05-135 to reduce the Minimum Rear Yard from 50 feet to 10 feet along the west property line.

(Agenda Item No. 11-271)

(First Presentation at the December 5, 2011 Regular Council Meeting)

(Deferred at the December 19, 2011 Regular Council Meeting)

(Kathleen Field, Community Development Director)

2. RZ11-19/VC11-05 - 15260 Hopewell Road, Applicant: Reunion Park. A request to rezone from AG-1 (Agricultural) to C-1 (Community Business) and AG-1 (Agricultural) for an existing 1,180 square foot building for general retail uses and an existing 1,835 square foot single family residence to remain with the following four-part concurrent variance:

1) To reduce the 50 foot undisturbed buffer and 10 foot improvement setback to a 10 foot landscape strip along the south zoning line of Parcel 1 intersecting with Hopewell Road and running North 68 degrees 21 minutes 12 seconds West a distance of 89.69 feet (Sec 64-1141(3)(a));

2) To reduce the 50 foot buffer and 10 foot improvement setback to a minimum 40 foot buffer along the south zoning line of Parcel 1 (parallel to Thompson Road), running from the corner of an existing driveway North 80 degrees 44 minutes 27 seconds West 190.43 feet to the westerly 10 foot improvement setback line (Sec 64-1141(3)(a));

3) To delete the 50 foot buffer and10 foot improvement setback along the southwest zoning line of Parcel 1 running from Hopewell Road North 68 degrees 10 minutes 12 seconds West 89.69 feet and North 21 degrees 34 minutes 48 seconds West 35.46 feet to the northerly line of an existing driveway for Parcel 2 (Sec 64- 1141(3)(a));

4) To reduce the 25 foot setback for parking adjacent to residentially used property to 10 feet along the south zoning line (Sec. 64-1433(f)(1)).

(Agenda Item No. 12-011)

(First Presentation at the January 9, 2012 Regular Meeting)

(Kathleen Field, Community Development Director)

3. RZ11-17 - To Amend Article XVI of the Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 64 of the City Code) - Signs.

(Agenda Item No. 12-012)

(First Presentation at the January 9, 2012 Regular Council Meeting)

(Kathleen Field, Community Development Director)


1. Approval of the Adoption of an Ordinance of the Mayor and City Council of the City of Milton, Georgia to Amend Chapter 2 - Administration, Article VI - Financial Management Program, of the City of Milton Code of Ordinances to Include Division 13 - Fund Balance Policy.

(Agenda Item No. 12-010)

(First Presentation at the January 9, 2012 Regular Council Meeting)

(Stacey Inglis, Finance Director)


1. Approval of a Resolution for the City of Milton to Partner with Fulton County Department of Registration and Elections to Participate in the Voter Education and Outreach Program (VEOP) to Educate, Register and Increase Voter Participation.

(Agenda Item No. 12-027)

(Presented by Mayor Joe Lockwood)



14) EXECUTIVE SESSION (if needed)


(Agenda Item No. 12-028)


Anonymous said...

Country store again?

Anonymous said...

Possibly a brothel in disguise. Just hard to trust a developer.

Anonymous said...

I am sure it will pass with the 2 new guys on.

Anonymous said...

Would be nice to have a country store there again.

Anonymous said...

Not with Saron Mays around.

Anonymous said...

yeh shes a little off but did anyone goe last night heard they approved it

Anonymous said...

Council approved applicant's request to withdraw the application "without prejudice". Look for it to show up for approval under the new H designation.

Anonymous said...

He may be trying to push this property to FCBOE for a fueling station for their buses and other vehicles.

After all he unloaded property for Cambridge High School to them.

Anonymous said...

has to be declared historic before it can get rezoned to h district right?

Anonymous said...

Yes, but Travis has already said it will be approved.

Travis Allen said...

The hell I did.

There is a due process that must be followed for that designation and we are still waiting for a final version of our ordinance to be approved, not only by the state, but by the city as well.

Ain't gonna be anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Sources say that you are going to approve it Travis and you are in tight with Chatham!

Anonymous said...

Oh sure, Travis and the whole lot have been bought for oodles of money and will surely do whatever the big cheese says forever more. Watch out, Gomer Pyle is moving in that old country store.

Anonymous said...

I like the fact that the barber can put out his barber pole to advertise his business. Good changes happening already!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the flashing billboards to spring up everywhere.