Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Milton County Web site looking for input

By Caroline Gray / Neighbor Newspapers

As more is being heard from local officials about the formation of Milton County, nothing has been heard for quite a while the issue bas been quiet in the General Assembly.

District 46 State Rep. and Majority Whip Jan Jones (R-Milton) and District 50 State Rep. and Speaker Pro Tem Mark Burkhalter (R-Johns Creek) announced March 18 that they would choose a Milton County steering committee May 7.

The deadline has come and gone without an announcement from the main authors of the Milton County resolution, which would allow a state referendum to decide whether previous counties could be reformed.

If Milton County were re-created it would include the cities of Mountain Park, Alpharetta, Roswell, Milton, Johns Creek and Sandy Springs. The original county seat was Alpharetta.
In the meantime, Alpharetta City Councilmen David Belle Isle and John Monson have founded a website,, and a Facebook page seeking Milton County input from citizens. The website was designed by Roswell resident and District 56 state senate candidate John Albers.

Milton County Rising includes extensive historical data about the north Fulton area, Milton County news links, links to studies concerning the viability of a recreated Milton County and several “coming soon” sections.

The stated purpose of the website is: “An inclusive group of citizens, business men and women, stakeholders and elected officials committed to a solid foundation and exceptional leadership as we create our common destiny in forming the new Milton County.”

The Milton County Rising group page on Facebook has 151 members and a message board to discuss Milton County topics. The group is open to anyone with a Facebook account.


Anonymous said...

I read that Fulton County just arranged a $420,000 contract with an Ill. group to prevent West Nile Virus. There are mosquitos here in Roswell in untreated water and sewage! Ref. Roswell-Neighbor paper May 18th.
Now, How would Milton County be able to handle the same type of issue in the beginning? With local contractor trucks spraying for mosquitos???
Explain what has the Mayor of Roswell, Wood, really done compared to what he claims that he has done... What has Henry done compared to what she claims that she has done...
It takes people, and money; resources, position, and power!
I can tell you that Roswell did carry a $10 M surplus in proper management of waste mgt. a couple of yrs. back! That is a stat. that is paid for by the residents, including apt. home dwellers who live there for 6yrs. and, 13 yrs. plus, etc.
The tax paying residents pay taxes for the Libraries, and are still controlled by the City, and County, State, and Fed. online, etc. Do you wonder why you haven't got an answer from your resume applications, nor an interview in 17+ months of searching for more work?
The State of GA., and the USA should open up all online job services now! A fee should not be required to by each individual, to link up your resume, right now!
Underemployment is 15.6+%, and Yahoo States GA. has over 785,000 online job postings...
There is a new Total Wine package Store that will offer 11,000 brands of wine, liquors, and beers; and they will donate $8,000 each to the Alpharetta Police Athletic League; and North Fulton Community Charities - NFCC on Thurs. 5-21-2009 @ 6pm, and will give $20 glassware to the first 100 patrons... In the old Comp USA bldg. @ the N. Pt. Mall side entrance...
How will Milton County accomplish these types of issues?
$70 red light camera violations; how will you handle it?
Great Idea to keep our money up here in North Fulton; but how will you handle it? Will you borrow money from Atlanta; or S. FulCo.?
Do you know how many restaurants and bars have been closed due to sales to minors around N. Pt. Mall? How will you handle it?
This will be a real interesting Summer of 2009; if we can get some of the tourists to here, who want to move away from their homes in other States, countries, and areas!
Pepsico wants to purchase their own bottling co. in order to own 67%. This might get them back to "Cash Cow" status, and higher performance...
Listen to Warren Buffet, of the U. of Nebraska - Lincoln, and Omaha! Read Buffetology, by Mary Buffet, and Dick Clark.
They invest in Coke, and Pepsi!
Pepsico owns alot of co's.!

Anonymous said...

Something this big would be over the heads of all future Milton County bureaucrats and should be sent directly to Obama for swift action.