Monday, May 04, 2009

Militon Garden Club Update

Many thanks to Sharon Murphy for providing this information.

Dear Milton Gardeners,
We are so blessed to live in an area with so many gardening enthusiasts, amazing nurseries, and abundant free composted fertilizer! All of the rain has my garden off to a great start this year and I pray that we continue to receive such nice, soaking rainfalls throughout the season. For those of you who couldn't make our last field trip to Bailey Farms and Gardens, I highly encourage you to take advantage of any opportunity (scouts, school, etc.) you might get to go on a tour of their grounds. Bill Bailey's knowledge of native plants, invasive plants, and his candid tales of his trials and tribulations gardening in Milton were enlightening and enjoyable. Braving the cold was well worth it, as we were able to see abundant naturalized hellebores, trilium, and so much more!At our last meeting, Reagan Ferguson of Blossom and Bloom's Nursery gave us a tour of his greenhouses and showed us many new and spectacular flower introductions this year. As always, he was a gracious and informative host and we appreciate the time he spent teaching us about his industry and about plants in general.


A self guided tour of Atlanta area gardens. If anyone would like to organize a group outing please send me an email. I will not be able to attend this event on Saturday so I am unable to take the reins on this one. You can find out information on tickets and locations at the following website: Atlanta Botanical Gardens May Meeting - Everything Orchid!We will enjoy the fellowship of our neighbors and fellow gardening enthusiasts while we enjoy wine and hors devours and learn all about orchids. The orchid experts at Rainbeau Orchids as well as an orchid expert from the Atlanta Botanical Gardens will lead this seminar.June Meeting - Organic Gardening seminarJune Seminar - Composting July Meeting - Square Foot Gardening SeminarAugust Meeting - Preserving and Cooking with HerbsOur meeting topics are chosen based on your responses to the survey that was taken at the first meeting of this season. Club members overwhelmingly were interested in composting, organic gardening and square foot gardening so we are going to address these topics in a series since all three go hand in hand and complement each other.

You may have noticed a new look for our website! As the site grows in popularity so do the options that they offer to participating clubs and one of those is new and interesting backgrounds. I love change, so I may be changing the look of the website now and then! More important than the look of the website is the functionality of the website. We are now able to solicit sponsors and embed their logo into our website, soon we will start taking payments for dues via online payments through, and the message boards have more organizational features that makes them more user friendly. And again, I encourage you to use these message boards as often as possible because it is a fast and efficient way to communicate and share information with all of our club members.

Please note that meeting minutes are posted under the left hand tab labeled 'Files'. If you miss a meeting you can always find the meeting minutes under this tab. Our Secretary, Carol Wahl is very diligent about posting timely and detailed minutes. Thank you Carol!

Our Treasurer, Eileen Prybol has now registered all members who have paid their dues with the Garden Club of Georgia. We hope to begin receiving communications from them shortly.Abby Laboda, our philanthropy chair has many new and amazing projects for our club.

If you signed up to help with philanthropy you will be hearing from Abby soon!If you see Carol Rump at a meeting make sure you smile and introduce yourself! She is our historian and she takes many pictures of our events to add to the beautiful scrapbook that she has made for the club.

Priscilla Kahale, Co-president, has been busy with a long term teaching assignment at Northwestern Middle School so give her a pat on the back if you see her because she has been working hard!

Garden on!

Sharon Murphy / Co-President

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