Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Service At City Hall.

Milton Councilman & Vietnam Veteran Bill Lusk Officates.

LTG Roy Beauchamp; USA Ret. - Guest Speaker.

Presentation Of Colors: Fulton County Sheriff's Office Color Guard.

"God Bless America" -
Sung By Members Of The Milton High School Choral Group.

Some Of The Veterans Remembered.


Anonymous said...

When/where did Harvey Enloe serve? I don't see a campaign on that cross?

Ginger said...

Mr. Enloe served in the Korean War.

Ginger Enloe

Anonymous said...

There is no requirement that the veteran must have served in any conflict - only that they served.

Anonymous said...

The Memorial Day event was beautiful. Kudos to Linda Blow for planning a wonderful morning. Let's focus on the good :)