Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Sewer Extention Approved 4-3"

Email Newsletter from Council Person Julie Zahner Bailey.

Council members Zahner Bailey, D'Aversa and Tart vote against sewer extension

Sewer Extension Approved 4-3

Thank you for attending the September 15th Mayor and Council meeting. There was standing room only attendance and I received many emails in opposition to sewer extension prior to the meeting.

Despite requests by citizens and Council Members D'Aversa, Tart and Zahner Bailey to allow a minimum of a week to review last minute, new maps and IGA, a vote was taken to approve sewer extension. I am greatly disappointed with what I perceive as a rush to a vote and the approval of sewer extension supported by Mayor Lockwood and Council Members Thurman, Lusk and Hewitt.

Karen Thurman made the motion to approve staff's newly-created map and the new IGA and to include more acreage for sewer extension than staff had recommended. Bill Lusk seconded the motion. This 4-3 vote to approve sewer extension impacts areas of Highway 9, Webb Road, Hopewell Road (in Vickery Crest subdivision), Crabapple including Green Road and Arnold Mill, Green Road near Waterside, Waterside and the Crabapple Village and land on Mayfield Road.

Please use this link to read the article in Tuesday's, AJC.

While I appreciate staff's effort and time, please know that I did not support this motion or vote. The new maps and IGA were provided on Friday and Sunday at 2:00 a.m. These documents were never made available to the public before the council meeting on Monday night. Council members D'Aversa, Zahner Bailey and Tart requested a work session so that the public would have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with these documents and to provide input. This request was denied. A decision of this magnitude deserves appropriate deliberation.

Regardless of claims otherwise, the Milton City Attorney has stated for the record, not just once but several times, that the version of the Fulton County IGA and sewer service maps voted on Monday night included sewer extension. Staff's anaylsis also shows sewer extension; for the full Staff analysis click here.

Please note that the City of Milton website reports that this vote did not represent new or extended sewer. This is incorrect as the new sewer map and IGA do, in fact, include new sewered areas. These are represented in red on the attached sewer map and were pointed out by the City Attorney and staff's analysis. To see the Milton website article and new sewer map, click here.

Obviously, sewer in itself is not bad or evil. The problem is that it allows unnatural density levels. There are two exposures from the new sewer areas. First, higher density may be allowed than the unsewered land would otherwise support. Second, properties adjoining the new sewer areas may well request sewer in the future. Approval would be subject to future City Council decisions, so control is tenuous. If legally challenged, Courts may tend to approve zoning requests where the infrastructure (sewer) already exists. The new sewered areas will create new exposure to additional sewer expansion.

Now that the vote has been taken, the next step is to reach a legal agreement with Fulton County Commissioners. In an article published in today's AJC, Commissioner Lynne Riley indicates that the maps and IGA approved on Monday night do not extend sewer far enough. The article confirms that Council Member Thurman's motion to add areas to the map was an attempt to get closer to Fulton's desired stance.

I know that many of you are disappointed and feel personally let down by the decision of some to extend sewer into Milton. Please continue to contact the Mayor and Council Members about your concerns. As always, thank you for the opportunity and privilege to serve as your Council Member. I will continue to work hard on your behalf everyday for the future of our collective community.

Julie Zahner Bailey
Milton City Council
404-310-6344 (c)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Council Member Karen Thurman and Mayor Lockwood for taking leadership on this issue rather than wallowing in it for another week. The perception of the City of Milton improved mightily by taking action on this issue before it costs the City more money and loss of reputation.

Anonymous said...

Leadership? I thought they were following Fulton County.

Anonymous said...

No one wants growth or more traffic, but the vote was a step in the right direction. Lawsuits by developers who own land and a lack of tax revenue from commmercial properties would financially bury our new city. Thanks to all who helped work out this compromise to help our city survive.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone see what is under Julie's right hand? It looks like Daisy is right under her lap.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

X 2

Anonymous said...

Joe and Karen must be so proud to have supporters like you last two bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Incredible, a premeditated photo!

I guess they knew they would lose the vote and were already planning their response.


ITS NOT OUR FAULT, see the picture?

Anonymous said...

Bill, "Get off the computor"!

Mis Daisy

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


I see you-ooo!

What a Kodak moment!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You can say it on TBS, why not on AM?

Anonymous said...

Some win and some lose but the majority won this time. Cry babies - quit the whining!

Anonymous said...

Grow up losers.

Anonymous said...

Julie, Alan, Tina: Your promises are as good as gold. We know that when you say something we can take it to the bank...but not to First Milton Bank.

Anonymous said...

Julie will still be a b1+(h no matter how many times you remove a post saying so.

Anonymous said...

What's the matter? Did the little gal beat you up with her brains?

Anonymous said...

Embarrassin', ain't it?

Anonymous said...

Annoying really and I didn't even lose this battle.

She reminds me of a baby with a box of crayons.

Santi must have known something we didn't, even if he's a jerk too.

Anonymous said...

Hey, looks like the photo on

Anonymous said...

Say what you like about Julie. She has proven her leadership, commitment and strength of character by her vote last Monday. The community will not forget.

Anonymous said...

Proven her leadership and strength of character?

Did you read her quote in the AJC?

By criticizing fellow council members as she did, she is most certainly not showing leadership and strength of character.

Councilmen Tart needs to take note as well, criticism of fellow council members in the media is not a desirable trait.

Did he not promise to bring unity to the council? Is that not breaking a campaign promise too?

-Travis Allen

Anonymous said...

As long as they (the 3) continue to cause problems and give quotes like dealing with 5 year olds and attack their fellow members in the media we will continue to be the laughing stock of Georgia. Don't hear all this bickering in the other new cities. They are moving forward and doing exciting things! Grow up!

Tim Enloe said...

The photo was to us in an email campaign by Julie Bailey.

Best regards,
Tim Enloe

Anonymous said...

Were you referring to this quote in the AJC?

"Zahner Bailey said that some on the council forgot earlier promises to voters."

“You just witnessed four people who claimed to not to support sewer extension vote to extend sewer,” she said. “Sewer equals density.”

That's not a critique. That's reality. Like it or not!

Anonymous said...

Sewer or a lawsuit attacked, bankrupt city?

We all knew the lawsuits were coming so let the citizens decide. How would you have voted?

Now if anyone blogs for LAWSUITS, lets all have a collective laugh on them together.

Anonymous said...

Making a decision based on fear of lawsuits is no way to run a city or make decisions to extend sewer.

Anyone can file a lawsuit at any time-- be it frivolous or with merit-- be it with sewer or not.

We need city leaders who will not cave to idle threats and unproven claims.

Anonymous said...


When someone OWNS commercially zoned property in Milton and cannot build because they cannot get sewer they will sue. They have no other options.

To ignore this incredibly huge liability risk for our city is just irresponsible.